5 DIY Ideas For Homemade Furniture

Moving to a new place can take big chunk out of your budget. So why not try to save some money by making the furniture yourself? There are many DIY projects that do not require too much skill and are actually fun to do. Making the furniture yourself is not only cost-effective but it also makes your home different and interesting. If you think you are ready to do this, check out the following 5 ideas.

Road Sign Coffee Table

Go to the nearest junkyard and get a road sign. Most of the junkyards should have at least a couple of these and you should be able to get it quite cheaply or completely free. You will also need a couple of wooden pieces for the legs. You can use some old planks you wanted to get rid of anyway. Attach a couple of planks as a frame around the sign and a couple more as legs. If you want, you can add a glass pane on top of the sign to make the whole table smooth.

Tire Stool

Tires are one of the most toxic materials we throw away and finding them a new use is a much better idea. A great thing to do is make a stool out of it. All you will need is a couple of wooden pieces you will use for legs and some material for the seat. Fill in the middle part with some wood and a cushion and your new stool is done. It is a perfect piece of furniture for you balcony or porch. In case your old tire is not damaged you can pump it with new peerless air compressor and make your seat even more comfortable.

5 DIY Ideas For Homemade Furniture

Chalkboard Dinner Table

Making a chalkboard dining table is another awesome idea. Get an old chalkboard and clean it properly. You can add some wooden planks as a frame in order to make the edges less sharp. Attach a couple of wooden or metal legs and your table is finished. This is a great project to do, especially if you have children. They will enjoy being able to draw on the table while eating. You can also write each family member’s name on their spots.

Log Mail Box

Why not make a unique mail box? Find a log and make sure it can stand up straight so you can place it wherever you want. Remove the heavy wood part from the inside and the most of the work is finished. Make a lid with a whole for the letters and seal it with a chain so you can access the mail easily. Carve in your name and the address and you have a real mail box that looks nothing like the others. You might probably think that it’s not worth the effort because you get nothing but your bills, but if you try to reconnect with your old friends you will rediscover the magic of the mail box.

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

These can be a great lighting option for your kitchen or dining room. Get a couple of wine bottles, all in different sizes and shapes. Soak them in water and remove all the labels. Another thing you will need is a glass cutting tool to scone all of the bottles. You will have to cut the bottom part so there is a place for a socket you should put in. Take a wooden plank and drill holes in it so the top of the bottles can fit in. The only things left to do are connecting it to the power and attaching it to the ceiling.

Do not stop here. Once you finish some of these projects and become more skilled, try thinking of new projects you can do. You home will look great once you fill it up with the things you made yourself.

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