Quick Fact Sheet About IVF Procedure

Infertility is among the most alarming concerns for couples around the world, and as many as 15% of all couples have issues conceiving in the traditional way. While this is quite a sad fact, the good news is the number of choices that are available. Yes, if you are wishing for your bundle of happiness, you can find many treatments that may help in getting success. One of the advanced and among the best options is IVF, which is also known as in vitro fertilization. In this post, we will talk of the process and some aspects worth knowing.

Quick Fact Sheet About IVF Procedure

The Basics

Before going into the details of IVF, it is worthy to understand that it is among those reserved choices for treatment for infertility. Usually, doctors will go for treatment, wherever possible, and one may be prescribed fertility drugs and even artificial insemination. However, for many couples, IVF is the only option. Such cases include where are issues like low sperm count, uterus and fallopian tubes problems, irregular ovulation and endometriosis. If you are in Russia, you will find a lot of clinics that offer IVF, but you need to know more about the process and be sure of the other options.

The Process of IVF

After the doctor has checked and suggested IVF, the couple has to go through a long procedure, which isn’t complicated for them but requires understanding. Do note that this is also one of the most expensive ways of conceiving a baby, so it’s wise to talk of the cost in detail. In the first step, the women will given hormonal injection, so that she can release multiple eggs, following which the tests will be done to find whether she is ready for the process of egg retrieval. Timing is an essential thing here, so the expertise and experience of the doctors does matter. Once retrieved, the doctor will fertilize the eggs in a laboratory, using the sperms of the man.

IVF offers the most amazing option to many couples, as long as one is ready to take the plunge. Many times, more than one embryo is placed in the uterus, and some doctors can suggest placing three embryos, so that the chances are maximized. However, it is always wise to talk of the possible risks in advance, and with good clinics, this is done right at the time of consultation. If you haven’t found success with traditional methods, take a consultation today.

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