Smart Strategies For Encouraging Friends To Help You Move

You’re moving! That job offer you long wanted has come forth, you’ve accepted it and the next step is to pack and move many miles from your current home. Trouble is, you’ll be leaving some of your best friends in life behind. At the same time, they want what is best for you even if they feel like conspiring to keep you nearby. Here are some smart strategies for encouraging friends to help you move.

Smart Strategies For Encouraging Friends To Help You Move

  • You won’t have to ask: Inasmuch as your friends would hate to see you go, they aren’t about to impede you with your move. In fact, you’ll have volunteers stepping forth, willing to help you make the transition. At times, you may feel overwhelmed by the offers, but go with it. You’ll find that the transition is easiest when you have a team of friends on your side.

  • Order your moving box: You have decided to go with one of those portable storage units as you make your move. That’s a wise choice as it allows you (and your friends) to pack at your leisure. The good thing here is that as you get your boxes packed in your home, you can transfer them to the storage box. Find the strong backs amongst your friends and ask them to help you load your unit.

  • Feed them and keep them motivated: Okay, your friends won’t take a dime to help you pack and move. At the same time, they’re investing hours of their time to help you out. You will reward them in some way and the best way is always food. Here, you want food that is easy to eat. While pizza can come in handy, ordering a sandwich ring from the deli is another option. Such a ring can be sliced to size and consumed individually. Add in chips and soft drinks and you have the makings of a feast.

  • Assign different tasks: You can’t expect your friends to be there with you all day. What you may find is that some will arrive, then leave, before returning again. Find out what your friends do best and allow them to pick up the mantle as they can. This means one person may be great at packing, another with loading the portable storage unit, and still another best suited with cleaning out cabinets or taking down curtains. Any help you get beyond what you will do yourself is invaluable. Go with and work toward accomplishing your move.

  • Just give it away: As you go through your home, you’ll come across many items you no longer want or need. Allow your friends to have first dibs on these items. Insist that they take them and without financial compensation to you. You were planning to declutter your home anyway — why not allow your friends to be the recipient of your largesse?

  • Accept volunteers for the transition: Do you have a friend that is willing to drive with you to your new place? If so, accept the offer. Having someone share the drive is great and if they can help you unpack, you have a bonus there. Know that you’ll have many things to handle over the coming weeks and months. Any assistance you get from your current and future friends will relieve you of the burden. You’ll also be better suited to start your life in your new community.

Happy Transitions: Saying good-bye to your friends is hard! At the same time, you’ll keep up with each other through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and by text messages. Who knows, but these same friends may become your first guests in your new home, bringing with them friendly smiles and encouragement.