12 Myths About Essay Services

There are plenty of myths that stalk the essay writing services industry. Some are due to poor quality companies defrauding students, some are started by frustrated professors, and some seem to have come from nowhere. Here are a few of the most common essay services myths.

Though some of these are myths, there are always rogue companies out there that are just as bad as a myth suggests. To cover yourself, you should read reviews about writing services. Essayholic.com is a review website that helps you pick a good essay writing service.

1 – A higher price means a better service

The writing service sets the price; it is not set by the market like the price of gold. A higher price for your project may simply mean the essay company is taking more profit.

2 – You should shop around for the lowest price

If the essay company has very low prices, then how are they able to afford degree-qualified writers? Use your common sense and do not go for the lowest prices. Think of it in terms of how long a writer needs. If a writer needs to invest a lot of time into a project, then it stands to reason that the writer will expect more money for the project.

3 – Students have to make their purchases themselves

This is not true at all. If you are unduly worried about your professor finding out you used a writing service, then have your little brother or sister make your order. You can have your friends make your order if you wish.

4 – You cannot get your money back from a writing service

It is true that you should be careful to whom you pay your money, but the distance selling laws still apply if you order an essay online. You are doing nothing illegal, so you may take the company to small claims court.

5 – If a professor asks for amendments, it means the essay writer messed it up

There is a chance that your essay writer does a terrible job, but an amendment request from your professor doesn’t mean the essay was done incorrectly. Sometimes a professor simply wants you to add something, and other times professors will ask for amendments with the hopes you will somehow improve your work without any real or fair reason.

6 – Essay services are a cover for writing mills

It is true that some are covers for writing mills, but most hire genuine writers or outsource to freelancers.

7 – Colleges and universities have sophisticated re-write detection programs

They have nothing of the sort. Usually, if a professor sees that you rewrote something, it is because he/she has seen something similar just recently. If you rewrite the paper that your essay writing service sent you, there is no way your college or university will know.

8 – Professors can tell when a paper was written by a writing company

This used to happen in the old days when writing services used to use templates for their poor quality writers, but writing companies that hire genuine degree-educated writers do not need to give them essay templates.

9 – Most essay writing services will disappear with your money

The rouge/scammer websites that do this are often ripped apart by the online community. Google the writing service’s name and check for negative testimonials if you are worried about this.

10 – All essay-writing companies plagiarize

Usually, it is easier and quicker for a degree-educated writer to create an original. Copying somebody else’s work will only earn the writing company a bad reputation online, and you can run a quick Google search to find out if that is the case.

11 – Essay services will charge you hidden fees

There are some nastier companies that may try this, and you should avoid them at all costs because most writing services will not charge hidden or extra fees. Use review sites to find a fair essay writing service.

12 – Writing services blackmail students with threats of revealing their purchase

Again, if a company does this, then their online reputation usually takes a massive beating and the trace of it can be found on Google for years to come. Make sure you use review websites and look on Google for negative testimonials before making your purchase.