Explore Best Floral Options Besides Red Roses- Right Here!!

When it comes to present flowers to your loved ones on any special occasions, there are chances that at the majority of times you think of red roses. Be it a birthday, or wedding anniversary, the first thought that comes to one’s mind is of the red flowers and that too of red roses. These red roses are most preferred on the special occasions. Almost everyone prefers a dozen long-stem red roses at first sight.

Explore Best Floral Options Besides Red Roses- Right Here!!

But now with the change in time, the choice of flowers are also changing and florist is also ready to offer different variants of floral bouquets. Nowadays, people find the traditional red rose bouquet simply boring and as a result, they look for better options that can replace these red roses. As a result, in order to help you out, the flower delivery London has listed top 3 flowers that can be preferred instead of traditional red roses. Let’s have a glance over the list:

  • Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose: Don’t get confused with the traditional red rose as the Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose is an elegant lush option, especially for the married or more serious couples. The dark and burgundy colour shade of this flower creates a magical effect in the surrounding. Besides that, it even looks beautiful without any foliages or greenery or combination of other flowers. Cutting the stems short and packing these flowers in a short vase would be a perfect romantic gift for your loved one. This could be most appropriate when kept in the middle of the dinner table and also it doesn’t need anything further to complete its luxurious look. It lasts for two weeks and possibly can be a beautiful show-stopper as compared to the traditional boring red roses.

  • Green Cymbidium Orchid: Those couples who know each other since long and are being dating since years, the Green Cymbidium Orchid can be among some of the best floral choices to present to one’s beloved. These flowers have a cool and at the same time modern look and it pairs quite well with the purple orchids. These flowers are being associated with the love and beauty that makes it more appropriate for the Valentine’s Day too. Also, these flowers are quite robust that means they will last up to three weeks in a vase. Ultimately, your beloved can cherish the beauty of these flowers for longer times and if maintained properly, it could sustain for few more weeks too.

  • French Tulips: The French Tulips are something as beautiful and elegant that it seems to dance in the vase. Being the giants of the tulip world, the French Tulips are truly mesmerizing and among the loveliest flowers to present to your beloved. The blooms of these flowers are about the size of the outstretched hand if you put your fingers together and its stems are over three feet tall. These flowers are also helpful in making memorable floral arrangements as they easily grow in the water. When these flowers are in the water, the stems literally grow overnight.

Thus, these were some of the best options that can be most probably opted in place of the traditional red roses. Besides the above-listed options, one can also go with a beautiful set of Hydrangeas or a set of Red Lion Amaryllis that can be the best out of the box gift for your beloved. Make sure you enjoy the special moment with your loved one along with something different for a change.

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