Beauty Routines and The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Every beauty addict has certain staples in her makeup bag. From face cream to eyeshadow, we all have products that have been there for us come rain or shine. Why is that over time, your favourite beauty products seem to lose their effect? Is there some kind of “immunity” at work, or are we just growing out of our old favourites?

Beauty Routines and The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Rest Your Hair

One of the most common complaints from women concerns their trusty shampoo. It may seem like over time, your favourite hair staples start to lose their effect and your hair loses its lustre. The truth is that your hair produces natural oils that are necessary for its health and upkeep. Over-shampooing can strip your hair of these oils and cause it to compensate by producing more fats. Give your hair some room to breathe every now and again, and you’ll soon see your old results return.

The only shampoo that can lose its effect over time is medical dandruff shampoo. It is recommended that dandruff sufferers keep three separate shampoos and rotate their usage in the shower to keep the scalp responsive to treatment. You can read more about dandruff treatment from your healthcare authority.

Deep Skincare Treatment

For skincare products like moisturiser and foundation, there is a slim possibility of a person becoming allergic to a product over time, but there’s no evidence to suggest immunity or addiction is possible where these products are concerned. If you really feel that you aren’t getting bang for your buck where your skin regime is concerned, look into getting a deeper treatment, such as a London chemical skin peel. London Cosmetic Clinic perform chemical skin peels in london, giving you longer-lasting results and reducing the need for daily treatment.

What can we actually know for certain about the contents of our makeup bags? Well, one sure fact is that makeup is negatively affected by exposure to air. In fact, air is the most common culprit in drying out and reducing the use of makeup, particularly products containing vitamins and minerals. To ensure you get the most use out of your makeup, keep your products tightly sealed when they are not in use and out of the way of heat and light. This will ensure you continue to get great results every time.

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