Take No Chances With Wrinkles And Fine Lines

The beauty and cosmetic industry have been soaring to new heights with the passing of each year. From 2004 to 2015, the annual revenue in this market has constantly set new record highs. Statisticians expect the trend to continue growing from strength to strength with total revenue for 2016 expected to hit the 62 billion mark. While the industry is made up of several categories of products, the biggest share of the pie belongs to the skincare section, commanding close to 35% of the cosmetic market. One of the most common objectives of these products is to help women rid unsightly wrinkles and fine lines.

When people say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, they obviously do not have wrinkles and fine lines in mind. This type of enemies must be avoided at all costs, especially for women who place much emphasis on the condition of their facial features. Compared to the male counterparts, women’s skin is softer and more sensitive to the environment. Although these characteristics are essential towards enhancing physical attractiveness, it also means that they are more vulnerable to the damaging effects of their surroundings and can easily develop unwanted wrinkles on the face. To provide some clarity to the whole wrinkles and fine lines fiasco, listed below are 5 essential tips that can help women regain smooth, silky skin.

Take No Chances With Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Fighting Wrinkles

1.Sleep Right, Skin Tight

As with every other skin issue, sufficient sleep is one of the best natural solutions. As most people are aware that the skin repairs itself when the body is at rest, scientists have also discovered that sleep deprivation causes an increase in cortisol production. This increased levels of cortisol break down skin cells and promote the formation of wrinkles. Another interesting tip is to always sleep on the back. This eliminates the possibility of having sleep-lines etched into the skin that can become a permanent fixture and evolve into wrinkles eventually

2.Sunscreen, Protect the Skin!

Seasoned beauty enthusiasts would warn that relying on adequate sleep alone is not enough to prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines. These changes in the skin are part and parcel of the natural aging process, more protection is required to halt their advances. While many people have readily adopted an active lifestyle, they are surprisingly inadequate at protecting themselves from the damaging effects of the sun.

As much fun as it is to be under the sun, the UV rays are harmful to the skin and can lead to the premature aging of the skin, also known as photoaging. This process inadvertently encourages wrinkles to form on the skin. This highlights the necessity of protecting the skin with sunscreens. A reliable sunscreen product offers high SPF values, water-resistant properties, and broad spectrum protection. Studies have also shown that prolonged application of sunscreen helps to eliminate carcinogens in the body which are commonly linked to the development of skin cancer.

3.Get Help from Retinoid

For those who are unclear, retinoid possesses similar capabilities as vitamin A. It offers a range of beneficial properties that ultimately promotes better skin condition. As retinoid can cause irritation to the skin, health professionals advise a gradual implementation of retinoid creams. Other than preventing the formation of wrinkles, retinoid can also help to treat acne, warts and reduced the size of enlarged pores due to excessive sun exposure.

4.Moisturize and Revitalize

Moisturizers are essential tools that should be in any woman’s arsenal of skincare products. While all moisturizes generally work towards the same objective of retaining moisture and hydrating the skin, look for products contain peptides. Health experts strongly recommend these moisturizers as they are proven to not only treat wrinkles and fine lines, but they promote collagen production as well. This restricts the development of wrinkles in the long run. Alternatively, scientists have also discovered that oral supplements formulated with peptides can offer similar benefits to the skin as well.

5.Get Smart, Eat Healthy

The last tip to eradicate wrinkles and fine lines is to adopt a healthier approach towards eating habits. Rely on food sources such as fishes, fruits, vegetables and soy products. Fish options such as salmon contain vital omega-3 content that helps nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles and gives it a radiant glow. Fruits and vegetables contain a high concentration of antioxidants that is not only beneficial to the skin, but also overall health condition. Soy products have also been found to help with tightening the skin structure and improve firmness levels that are normally associated with youthful looking skin.


The journey towards attaining youthful looking skin is a long and winding road that can be rather frustrating. This is especially true when the natural aging process starts to introduce itself in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. To help clear away the clutter of information on the internet regarding skincare, listed above are 5 basic and easy tips to tackle the issue of wrinkles. The simplicity of each suggestion means that women of all skin types are welcome to try it out for themselves, giving their skin and confidence a much-needed boost.

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