Why Nonprofits Must Buy Office 365 Cloud Service From Microsoft CSP?

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Microsoft Office 365 has become highly popular among nonprofits because it offers high levels of flexibility and improves efficiency. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential factors for nonprofits, and this cloud service is the perfect solution to power your project management needs. Office 365 for Business has gained a large market share even though it is has been here for a few years. Efficiency, reliability and consistency have become the cornerstone of this cloud service. The MS Office package included in it also offers so many benefits, especially with a platform that has already been well known for its familiarity.

Office 365 for More Cost-effective Nonprofit Operations

The Office 365 cloud package can help your nonprofit organization to run its operations in much more cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • It enables collaboration, information sharing and communication among staff members who are spread across in different locations.
  • All information/data is stored on the cloud centrally and can be allowed access to authorized personnel (volunteers and staff) from their mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
  • Reducing overhead costs.
  • No more difficulties in maintaining in-house Exchange server.
  • Get advanced end-user support even if you have limited budget.

Office 365 can help your nonprofit organization in different ways. It will help you in reducing the overhead costs. The emails, calendars and contacts can be synced. The information is stored on the cloud, maintaining data consistency and security. Your team can work from any location and at any time. It will facilitate your operations even when your teams are working across different geographies and time zones.

When it comes to implementing Office 365 cloud service for your nonprofit organization, you have the option to buy either from Microsoft or a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/.

Best Option for Buying Office 365

Nonprofits have limited budget and cannot invest in in-house IT personnel. So when buying Office 365 Cloud service, it will be best to purchase the package from a renowned Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. A reputed CSP will provide you end-user assistance for easily adapting to the advanced cloud package. If you buy from Microsoft, there is limitation to the type of services which are available. But it is equally important that you select the leading CSP that has a solid market reputation.

Advantages of choosing the Right Microsoft CSP

Apps4Rent is a well-established and renowned Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. They offer efficient Office 365 Cloud Package and there are many reasons why you should buy the service from them. They offer outstanding customer support and service so that you will not have to worry when implementing and adapting to the cloud service. There is comprehensive end-user support, which is important for nonprofits which are on a budget. You will get 24/7 end-user assistance through e-mail, phone and live chat.

On the other hand, there is limited assistance for adapting to the Office 365 package when you get the service directly from Microsoft. There is a specific format in which you can contact the provider for resolving any issues. Only limited number of problems, which are listed on the official critical issues list, are covered under phone support.

So you can see why it is much more beneficial for nonprofits to buy the Office 365 cloud service from Apps4Rent. You don’t have to spend more money. You get the exact same product, but with advanced end-user support.

Advanced Expertise

Apps4Rent has a highly effective product bundling option to help make your project management smoother, efficient and more productive. There is the Free SharePoint website on another target site http://www.projectmanagementsoftwarecloud.com/. Your data will be stored on the cloud and the website can work as your point of interaction and collaboration for your entire team. It can also be used for interacting with other stakeholders including your funders. You can also include technical support within the package.

Apps4Rent can also offer you Free Cloud Project Software such as Project Online in the Office 365 package for highly efficient project management. Thus, nonprofits must get the Office 365 cloud service from a reputable Tier 1 Microsoft CSP that offers a full package that makes your operations run flawlessly and efficiently.

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