Seasonal Gardening Tasks

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It won’t be pleasant to walk in a poorly managed garden with broken garden decorations, litter everywhere, overgrown shrubs, dead plants, weeds and long wild grass. We won’t know what kind of vermin lurking under those bushes. Owning a garden will require us to spend a lot of energy and time. In this case, the lawn should be kept in good health and it should be cut properly. Flower beds should be weeded regularly. Shrubs and hedges should be trimmed regularly. In this case, flowers should become the dominant part of our garden. It isn’t really about keeping up with the Joneses, having a well maintained garden should be considered as a requirement. By having good garden, we are taking pride in our home and we respect ourselves. In fact, good garden is a reflection of how well the person does in real life. Well-functioning garden could be equal with success in life. Well-organized people could ensure to gain more results.

Gardener planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil at back yard

Gardening is an important home improvement project. It isn’t only related to maintaining our garden, but also introducing some improvements.

  • Spring: During the spring, we should consider planting out new plants and replace plants that may die during the cold winter. Bedding plants, such as daffodils, primrose and pansies can become colourful elements of our garden during the summer. There are also other plants that we should incorporate in our garden. In general, gardening during the spring is about preparing for the summer. We should remove first signs of weed and restore the plants that are damaged by the winter.
  • Summer: This the time when our garden fully blooms. It is a great opportunity for barbecuing and relaxing. We could cultivate classic garden plants like roses, busy lizzies and geraniums. This also the time when weeds grow very quickly and we should trim them up every two weeks, at least. In places with dry and hot summer, daily watering is needed to keep plants fully hydrated. In fact, there are areas in Europe and North America that can get drier than Africa at specific times of the year. It is efficient to use sprinkler with built-in timer. It means that water can be sprayed at specific hours.
  • Autumn: This is the time when we start reducing our gardening activities. Most of the time, we are preparing our garden to withstand the cold winter. It means that we could actually get busy during the autumn. This should be the time cut down and clear any overgrowth, including overhanging branches, bushes and shrubs. Autumn flowering plants could actually be quite pretty, so we could start planting them on early spring. We can also add some fertilizer to make sure that the plants stay healthy during this time of the year,

Winter: Many people tend to neglect gardens during the winter, but if we have the time, we could prepare our garden for the spring. When the ice begins to thaw at February, we could start to dig and break up the soil. Plants should be checked whether they survive the winter months. If not, we should consider planting new ones.

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