6 Habits To Keep Yourself Healthy and Energetic

Staying fit is a tough job and requires commitment and perseverance. Eating healthy and working out are obviously the basic steps to stay fit, but with our neck-deep work, family priorities, and sedentary lifestyles, being energetic always becomes a little difficult.

You only enjoy life fully when you are healthy and fit. However, when you are running short on time and can’t incorporate enough exercise and nutrition in your diet, these life energizing hacks will come to your rescue.

While we do not endorse any shortcuts for healthy living, these easy-to-follow habits will ensure, you maintain your fitness levels and stay healthy till you are ready to go for the whole grind.

6 Habits To Keep Yourself Healthy and Energetic

They are simple, don’t take much time, and are easy to continue when things get too hectic.

Walk, Run, Bend, Stand and Stretch Throughout the Day

Stuck in neck-deep work, and no time to exercise? Find out and tick your next best option. Sometimes we really are too busy to even take out half an hour from our day for aerobics or a swimming routine. Keep yourself active and energetic on such days by taking the stairs rather than the elevator. To really get your heart pumping take two steps at a time. Instead of mailing or using the office messenger to convey your message, walk up to your colleague and tell him yourself. Take the restroom farthest from your desk.

Sneak in some exercise on your office desk itself, and strengthen your core and relax your feet. Keep your feet flat on the floor, sit tall at your desk, pull you stomach in and hold your muscles tight. Now raise your leg to hip level. Hold it for 10 seconds and lower slowly. Repeat this 20 times and then change your leg. While this was the most inconspicuous office exercise I could suggest, don’t get too surprised to know, there are ample secret office workouts and stretches out there to tone your abs, calves and arms. Do not underestimate the benefit of standing and a good posture for staying fit. Always stand tall and if there is a choice between sitting and standing, always opt to stand.

Play with your kids, run around and jump with them. Volunteer to walk the dog whenever you can. Not only will you be spending quality family time, but be giving your body a good workout too!

Drink Up the Juices and the Wine

You have already heard it a million times and must implement it. Drink lots of water. Keep a graffiti mark-up water bottle handy to ensure you are drinking water all day. It rejuvenates and detoxifies your body and contributes to your overall well-being much more than we ever realize.

However, there are other beneficial liquids out there too. Smoothies and green juices are store houses of nutrients. Beginning your day with a glass of green juice (spinach, carrot, bottle-gourd) is extremely beneficial,and sipping a glass of red wine can balance out a lot of your health needs. Red wine  lowers cholesterol, and blood sugar, keeps the heart healthy, boosts your brain, and is beneficial for your waistline too. The key however is to drink in moderation.

Be Alert in Unknown Properties

Whether you are in your twenties, thirties or forties, fitness and alertness go hand-in-hand. When you are fit, you are mentally and physically alert. You can sense danger and withdraw from it. Remember to stay extra cautious when you are on unknown properties, so that you don’t slip, fall or hurt yourself.

There are situations where the property owner intentionally or unknowingly leaves dangerous or hazardous substances around that can hurt or injure a person who does not know about it. So the thumb rule is to always be alert and careful with unknown people and in unknown properties.

However, if you do get injured in another’s property, make sure to consult a personal injury attorney, and receive adequate compensation from the party at fault. Fit and famous personal injury attorney from Mississippi says, “Personal injury can be in different forms and is a serious charge. While we work aggressively to secure you medical expenses and legal damages from the party that has caused you the pain and anguish, there is no denying that if you are healthy and have healthy habits, injury inflicted on you heals up quicker, and you are stronger mentally and physically so less prone to permanent damage”. Health and legal benefits, enough reason to stay alert right?

Shop on Full Stomach

Whatever action we take is controlled by our mind. Your habits healthy or unhealthy are also determined by your mind. So why not make the job a little easier for your brain and condition it in a way that is beneficial for your health and well-being.

Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Our minds are such that when you are super hungry, all unhealthy food looks extremely appealing and you will definitely start loading your shopping car with all sorts of junk and unhealthy food, which you otherwise would not.

On the other hand when you are shopping on a full stomach, you are aware and careful about what you are throwing in ,and pick much more sensible and healthy food items

Take Charge of Food and Portions

Small things can go a long way. A habit that will really help you to stay fit, slim and energetic is eating a lot of whole grains. Nothing can be healthier than baking your own bread. However, even if you are buying from the market the whole wheat or Greek bread (read: considered healthier) check the ingredients list and make sure you are not picking the ones with a lot of corn or fructose syrup.

Opt for whole foods rather than fat-free, zero calorie or skimmed stuff. They have a lot of hidden ingredients that can actually harm your body rather than benefit , and sometimes skim away the nutritive value of foods as well.

Another habit you should inculcate when it comes to healthy eating is use smaller plates. You automatically start taking smaller portions and feel satisfied quicker.

To Conclude,

These are just six habits to make your sedentary lifestyle more active and healthier. You can think of so many more yourself to reach your goal of high fitness and energy levels. From motivational quotes to food trackers, to planning your meals, sleeping 8 hours,doing squats while on the phone, there are so many life hacks and habits that you can come up with to become healthier and fitter, because after all a healthy life is a happy life.


Connie Jelliffe is a lawyer at Hancock Law Firm that offers legal services like estate planning, family law, business formation, civil litigation and more. Connie has graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and the Mississippi College School of Law.

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