Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) is designed to give support to the joints that face difficulty in movement

support the muscles and also to maintain the right position of the ankle, knee, and the foot. It can be made of any material like a thermoplastic, metal or even a combination of different materials.

But, before you start using this support mechanism, it is important that you understand how to care for it and know the real use of KAFO. The article will give you the necessary instructions that will help to clear all your doubts regarding the same.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

How to wear it?

If you have a thermoplastic KAFO, it is recommended that you wear a lace-up or a Velcro shoe that is big enough to accommodate both the brace and the foot comfortably.

If the KAFO has drop locks with them, keep yourself assured by the fact that they are properly locked

before you walk. This helps in preventing the knee buckling.

Prefer wearing cotton socks between the brace and the skin. The length of the socks should be such that it covers the brace area. It helps in absorbing perspiration and thereby protect the skin from any kind of infection.

Walking with the brace might make you feel little uncomfortable initially, but this is normal. Consult a physical therapist before you bring your leg back in movement.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Wearing schedule:

It is not possible to wear a brace all the time, so to look into the comfort of the patient, braces come with a wearing schedule.

Day 1-Day 3

The physical therapist’s advice to wear the braces for 30 minutes, at least, three to four times a day.

Day 4- Day 6

The initial three days are enough to make the body used to the movement with the braces, so after it, the therapists advise to wear it for sixty minutes for at least three to four times a day.

Day7-Day 10

Wearing the braces for ninety minutes for at least three to four times a day makes it easy for the patient to recover from the loss.

Day 11- Day 14

After the physical therapist examines the progress he might suggest you to wear it the entire day.

It is advisable that you wipe the plastic section of the brace with a rubbing alcohol at least once in a week.

Also, if there are metal joints in your brace, make sure you lubricate them regularly. Ask your specialist before buying about what lubricant will be the best for it.

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