Investing In The Markets, Is It The Right Time ?

With the recent changes to Stamp Duty coming in the UK, Rate rises on the table in the US and the threat of global terrorism events threatening to destabilise any given market almost 24 hours a day, it is becoming harder and harder to predict the market news and work out where to invest.

While there are a whole heap of options to turn to from ISA’s to Real Estate, Commodities to Bonds – the one certainty is that the volatility in the markets is making it easy to win and lose fortunes faster than ever. So rather than talk about all the uncertainties that we face, we thought we’d talk again about a few of the options on the table that could be of use to better manage your investment portfolios for 2016.

1. Oil:- While people have been enjoying the collapse of the Oil market in terms of cheaper fuel and petrol/diesel, the initial signs of a recovery are muddied as the huge US Stockpiles pile pressure on an already over-producing market. Oil has regained some ground to $39 a barrel but with OPEC meeting shortly and the US Dollar bouncing around thanks to the FED comments about a rate rise, this is well worth a look at for a long-term buy investment

2. Gold:- Having started the year at around $1060, recent valuations of circa $1225-1235 will make Gold look a very attractive buy, but since Gold fluctuated around the time of the last rate rise, speculated to be coming next month, and with the commodity heavily linked to the success of the Dollar, short-term buys may yield the potential for big profits

3. Currencies:- While talk of a rate rise has caused the Dollar to languish in its’ past few days, it has caused nowhere near as much concern as the possible ‘Brexit’ has on the GBP. However, the next few months will be critical for both currencies and the Euro as the impact of Britain’s decision and the FED’s potential rise could spell havoc in the Forex market, something that will offer up plenty of intraday trading wins if you have the patience to wait for the right twists and turns.

4. Cryptocurrency:- With uncertainty rife in the markets, less established currencies like Bitcoin could see good growth opportunities. Recent drops in value back to the $414 mark could cause concern for potential investors and traders alike, but with conflicting reports of the currency being undervalued, there is enough of an appetite for many to try backing it amid the current and upcoming global changes.

So while we have only given you a snippet of things to look at, feel free to stay tuned for more details or even share some of your own hot tips with us and we will look to include them in our future coverage.