The True Connection Between Dandruff and Loss Of Your Hair

Loss of your hair is something that all of us have faced in our life one time or the other. There might be several reasons for loss of your hair. The patter of loss of your hair too may differ from person to person. Some may have slight loss of your hair but some may be shocked to find huge chunks of hair in their comb after a slight brushing of hair. One of the reasons attributed to hair fall is dandruff. Dandruff can cause acute embarrassment to anyone. There are those who dread to wear black color for the fear of white flakes falling on it. The many advertisements of shampoos and other hair products that claim to fight dandruff, even boast of aiding hair growth and helping in hair loss. Dandruff is considered to be the No. 1 enemy for hair growth and it is believed by many that it is dandruff that makes hair fall.  For long, advertisers have made all believe that dandruff is what makes hair fall.

The True Connection Between Dandruff and Loss Of Your Hair

Why you should Dread Dandruff

Dandruff is a lingering scalp condition that causes white flakes on the scalp and hair. There may be many reasons for dandruff, the primary reason being hygiene. It is important to keep your scalp clean. Use a good hairbrush and avoid using combs of others. Dandruff can cause severe itching on the scalp. Many choose to ignore dandruff thinking it is not that serious but if you are going to ignore it for a long time; you may have to suffer permanent damage to your hair which can be irreversible. If unchecked, dandruff can prove to be a severe hazard and can cause long-term effects.

Dandruff and Hair Fall – Both are Interlinked

Though dandruff is long considered to be the culprit behind acute loss of your hair, the actual culprit is the itching that comes with dandruff. Because of continuous itching, the scalp gets irritated and the result is the scalp gets damaged and bruised, which in turn leads to weak hair roots and subsequent hair fall.

Continuous itching leads to friction which causes hair to fall. If you have dry scalp, that can lead to dandruff. Another condition that everyone should dread is dermatitis. It can lead to dandruff and can cause bad loss of your hair. It is important to check if you have dermatitis or not so that an effective medical care can be sought for your hair condition.

There is a kind of direct proportion between dandruff and loss of your hair. The more the dandruff in your hair, the more prominent will be your hair loss. What most of you do not know is that it can be vice versa too. That is more the hair fall, more can be the dandruff. If one doesn’t pay heed and take concrete steps to arrest both, the dandruff and the hair fall, it might not be long that the person, be it man or woman, may have to face baldness in the near future.

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