Some Home Improvement Ideas For 2016

Almost everybody wants to live in a home with low maintenance. The millennial generation is right on top of that list. There are quite a few home improvements nowadays which focus on reducing maintenance costs for homes while there are also other improvements that focus on adding modern designs and increasing energy efficiency. Here’s a look at a few of the top trends in home improvement for 2016:

Some Home Improvement Ideas For 2016

Kitchen trends

Do you think your stainless steel appliances are the best out there? Well, you’re wrong. People come up with new designs and trends for kitchen appliances all the time. Some of the latest trends you could consider are stainless steel finishes which hide fingerprints and have a modern look. Luxury appliances are also more prevalent nowadays with some of the top brands becoming quite affordable.

Accent walls, quartz countertops, unique backsplashes and white cabinetry are among the top kitchen trends for 2016. Some of the other trends to keep an eye out for include upper cabinets in different colors from the lower cabinets, two-tone cabinetry, etc. Even drawers are becoming more prevalent in the kitchen as opposed to traditional cabinets with shelves.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are in high demand even now as they help increase energy efficiency in a home and also deliver water whenever it is needed. Smart water heaters are a thing now too which let you track real time water consumption.

Living rooms

Instead of living rooms infused with technology, people are opting to ditch the widescreen TV and use the living room to engage in conversation or curl up with their favorite book.


Medicine cabinets are now a dated trend and haven been replaced by statement mirrors. From ornate wood frames to vintage pieces, the choice is limitless when it comes to bathroom mirrors. Large format tiles are being used much more in roomier bathrooms too.

Fire features

Fireplaces and other fire features are becoming a part of more homes across the country every day. From gas to electric to wood burning, you will certainly be able to find a fireplace that suits your needs and creates a warm and unique ambiance.


Many homeowners have opted to convert their attics into bedrooms. Statement walls with the bed in the center are becoming common too. From installing rustic wallpapers or wood or switching up the paints on the wall, the opportunities here are endless.

Open spaces

If open floor plans don’t already exist, homeowners are now opting to take out walls in order to create open concept floor plans.

Replace windows

One of the main reasons for replacing windows is energy efficiency. In 2015, homeowners who replaced their windows received 75% of their costs back. Perhaps it’s time you considered this as well.

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