What To Prepare Before Installing Wallpaper?

Doing wallpaper project can be a lot of fun and it should be quite easy to finish it. By understanding a few techniques, we will be able to install wallpaper like a pro. We should also know problems associated with wallpaper, as an example; excessive moisture, grease and steam may not be a good thing for wallpaper. If we are not aware of this potential problem, our hard work will be rendered pointless. What we need to do is to choose patterns and colors that are appropriate for our wallpaper. We should be aware that colors may give a varying message. As an example, bright colors may make our room appear bigger and that’s true. However, darker wallpaper will make seams less visible. However, some stains can actually appear more clearly on black wallpaper. Installing wallpaper may require tools; if we want to do this for the entire interior of our house. Wallpaper is sold in meter per square and we should buy additional wallpaper for good measure. As an example, we could purchase a few extra meter square, because we may mess up somewhere.

What To Prepare Before Installing Wallpaper

We also need glue and it is usually available in concentrated form. It means that we will need to thin out the glue before using it. Overall, it is important for us to read the instructions properly. Because glue can be particularly thick, we should use a drill with mixer bit attached to the chuck. This will allow us to obtain a soupy and even consistency. It is also important to have a sharp utility knife, because it allows us to cut wallpaper faster and straighter than with scissors. We should use the snap-off knife and we should have enough spare blades. In fact, we shouldn’t attempt to install wallpaper, if there are no sharp blades around. This will only waste our money and time. Another thing to do is to use straight edges and there are several models with different length. The straight-edge should be in perfect condition, because just a small nick can ruin our entire cuts. With the level, we can make sure that our cuts are perfectly vertical. Smoothing brush is also necessary to smooth out our wallpaper. Damp, wet towel could also be used for this purpose.

We will need 100mm stainless scraper as knife guide around edges of door frame and windows. 200mm scraper can also be used for wider or taller edges. Large sponge is needed to wipe away any excess glue. Remnants of glue on the wallpaper will leave dirty and glossy stain. A small bucket is needed to rinse out smoothing sponge. We will need tray, roller and brush to apply the glue. For big areas, we can use rollers and for tighter spots; we should use roller. Step ladder will be needed to install wallpaper on higher areas of the wall. Installing wall paper on open areas should be quite simple, but if we can handle tricky parts, we should be able to get good results.

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