Top Tips On Buying A New Range Rover

Range Rover epitomizes luxury at its best. The premier quality vehicle from Land Rover Company, albeit being expensive cost wise and in maintenance too, is reputed to be a top-notch vehicle that provides ultimate satisfaction. Many owners in Toronto take pride in owning the vehicle.

While many limit its use inside Toronto city limits, the true potential of a Range Rover can be experienced only in rough Canadian outdoors. It performs admirably on steep hillsides, muddy roads and even in regions that have no roads.

Top Tips On Buying A New Range Rover

While the Land Rover models are impressive, the difference between the Range Rover and Land Rover models is you get a larger interior space in the Range Rover and it is more luxurious. This makes the purchase of a new Range Rover a highly satisfactory experience. Here are some tips to help you:

Range Rover Models

Although there are different models and generations of Range Rover, for those who are looking to buy a new Range Rover now, the Range Rover HSE TD6 is a good choice. You can find good deals and a great shopping experience at on all models of Range Rover. The various Range Rover models cover different generations but mainly consist of two subtypes namely

1. Range Rover Sport

2. Range Rover Evoque

Evolution of Range Rovers

Originally created for utilitarian purpose especially in rural regions, the Range Rover has slowly evolved into a highly popular vehicle in the luxury car segment. Some of the latest models such as the HSE TD6 are high on technology too.

The Range Rover has passed through three generations with the earlier models being criticized for too little rear seat space and cluttered up dashboard. The current versions of new Range Rovers; however, have been rid of all these drawbacks. The dashboard has been changed into a simple, sleek, and appealing design. The rear space in some versions is comparable to limousine standards.

Efficiency of different versions

The newer model cars have reduced running expenses, which is mainly attributed to the weight reduction of the vehicle. For buyers who are looking for fuel efficiency and performance, the TDV6 diesel version is an ideal choice. The engine is powerful and smooth in operation and is very economical too.

The Hybrid model is the most economical. It has an electric motor added reducing running costs although the buying price of a new Range Rover of this type is quite expensive.

The diesel version especially the V8 model is known more for its speed than fuel efficiency.

The Vogue model is pleasing to the eye with its excellent trim and luxurious interiors.

The Autobiography Range Rover is the most opulent and as a result expensive. It is considered as a good match for cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. It is available in gas, hybrid, and diesel version.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to buy a new Range Rover, and are not worried about the economy, the vehicle has amazing off road capability and towing skill as well as luxury on par with that of a limousine. With excellent safety features and plenty of trunk space, the Range Rover is the ideal luxury workhorse to own, if the expensive buying and running costs are not much of an issue for you.

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