What Is The Concepts Of Jungian Psychotherapy

Renowned for being the founding father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung believed that religious expression originated from the mind’s yearn for a balanced state of consciousness and unconsciousness at the same time. Jung’s many years of friendship and studying with his partner Sigmund Freud came to an abrupt end due to this specific theory. Jung believed that collective unconscious was something shared by everyone. The basis behind this theory is that people process psychic images based on specific archetypes and pattern. Research shows that mythology and dream study follows a specific thread. Car Jung believed that for every individual to achieve wholeness then both conscious and unconscious state of mind has to be in harmony with each other and there is no better way to achieve this than through dream study.

What Is The Concepts Of Jungian Psychotherapy

Active Imagination

Active imagination is a concept created by Jung used to harmonise consciousness and unconsciousness. By fantasising travelers and dreaming, an individual can probably bring their unconscious into the present through action. Active imagination is based on the undirected observation of an individual’s imagination, and not an image of the things they fantasize about.


Considered an analytical psychological process, Individuation is aimed at helping clients become who they truly seek to be. For those who are faces with emotional difficulties, they see themselves as being disorganized in all they do. Achieving great things in life and staying happy in life can often be hampered by inner conflict and self-sabotage which is a result of varying degree of emotional experiences. Individuation is a process which helps in bringing together an individual’s past horrible experience and positive experience in such a way that the person can start living a life filled with hope, happiness and emotional stability. Individuation sets one apart and makes you stand out from every other human beings and the collective unconscious. Individuation is achieved through several means, which include interpretation of dreams and active imagination, thus leading to a harmonious and holistically healthy life.

Collective Unconscious

Another great concept of Jungian Psychotherapy Manhattan http://www.nyjungian.com/jungian-psychoanalysis.html is collective unconscious. This term was first used by Carl Jung to describe an expression of the unconscious, which is inherent in every individual with a nervous system living on the face of the planet. Instead of having good knowledge of our past experiences, the collective unconscious brings together and cordially arranges all of the experiences whether positive or negative within a species.

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