How To Properly Organize Kitchen?

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Beautifully organized kitchen will be quite helpful for any home chef. We may group ingredients, equipments, tools and utensils based on their category. Many kitchens are a total mess, because a decent meal will require us to use plenty of ingredients and equipments. Many people have a grandiose plan for the tasty meal for dinner, but they may fail to consider the struggle of cleaning and putting all the leftover ingredients and equipments back to their original places. There are common rules that we need to consider:

How To Properly Organize Kitchen

  • Create a clean space: This is something that we need to properly regain order after so much disorder.
  • Make sure everything is clean: This may be quite troublesome, but we need to wipe down everything and the shelving must be sparkling clean.
  • Use non-stick surfaces: We may need to choose between plastic, metal and wood material for our containers and shelves. Whatever we use, we should make sure that the surface is a non-stick type that won’t be troublesome in the long run.
  • Use proper categorization: It is important to group our kitchen based on proper categories. So, we will need to place the spices, pans, leftover food items and other things back to their places.

We should keep everything organized and we should group cans and jars. As an example, baking goods are delicate, so we should put them at the right locations. As comparison, baking soda and salt are more durable than sugar and flour; so they should be placed in different containers; although they are also powder-based ingredients.

We should also organize pans based on their size and shape. Flat-shaped pans may be placed together and non-flat pans will need special cabinets. Mixing flat and non-flat pans in the same shelves will waste a lot of time. It is also important to invest in our space. It means that we should invest on bigger cabinets; if there are enough room between the floor and the ceiling. Air tight canisters, grab baskets, utility containers and over the door racks are also able to serve so many functions. Utility containers are available in many sizes and we can use them for delicate and small baking items, for sprinkles, extracts and other similar items. Bigger, air-tight containers can be useful for storing sugars and flours. In a hot temperature, these containers could also provide us with peace of mind when storing rice, corn meal and grits.

We may use over the door ranks to confine spices at their own special places. Clutter could arise really easily when a spice has gone missing. We will jumble up the cans, pans and other things in the kitchen. By keeping sprinkles and spices at specific areas, we will know where to find them. Affordable over the door racks should allow us to define proper organizational space. By being properly organized, we will know how to cook much easily. This is will be helpful for daily activities.

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