Top 8 Herbs For Improved Liver Function


The liver is among the most critical organs of the body. Ensuring the health of the liver and detoxifying is very important. The liver is a recipient of all the toxins in the body thus needs some detoxification. The liver makes the heart function well. To add on many other organs require the functioning of the liver for them to function properly. This includes your brain, eyes, and kidneys. If you have been keen on joint pain causes, proper functioning of the liver is needed for healthy joints. Here are some herbs for liver health and detoxification:

1. The chicory root

Chicory root has been used since the ancient times for cleansing the liver. Its root contains properties that relive the liver of all the accumulated toxins cleansing it. The root also can be used for maintaining the good health of the liver. It helps treat various ailments in the liver and those associated with the liver. These ailments include liver stones, urinary stones, gallbladder, jaundice, problems related to digestion, headaches and types of depression.

2. The pure turmeric root

Turmeric is a well known yellow spice; you can also use it for liver health it helps in regenerating the liver cells. The turmeric root also has properties which help in removal of all the toxins from the liver detoxifying it. Add it to your food in its pure form to boost up the liver functions and general health of the body.

3. Fresh peppermint

Help relieve the liver of all stresses and pressures placed on it by taking peppermint. The liver usually filters all toxins in cholesterol and fats. The peppermint helps lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. It also helps the function of the bile by relaxing them and stimulating the flow of bile.

4. Ancient celandine herb

If your liver has started to slow down celandine is there to revive it. The herb has been used by many herbalists for detoxifying the liver. This boosts the function of the liver to flush out all the toxins. The herb also works to promote stimulation of bile production and to improve the gallbladder.

5. Powerful Borotutu Bark

Are you suffering from jaundice? Or is it the biliary colic? Then the bark is among the best solution. It is a very strong bark for treating liver problems to maintain good health of the liver. The bark is also used to detoxify the liver by flushing all the toxins. The Boro tutu bark has much in store for shielding the liver from any damage. Its bark contains very strong antioxidants which serve to protect the cells of the liver.

6. Indigenous chanca piedra

The famous Amazon herb for combating liver ailments helps treat your liver. With its soothing properties, the herb relaxes the liver enabling it to get refreshed for a great functioning. The herb helps in removal of free radicals and all the toxins from the liver cleansing it. It can also be used for dealing with kidney stones and gallbladder problems. Chanca herb stimulates bile production for the proper functioning of the liver.

7. Milk thistle herb

The herb has been a breakthrough to solving various liver issues and for detoxification. The milk thistle has very good properties when it comes to liver detoxification. People who have suffered liver problems due to alcohol intake can find relief by using the herb. The herb relives the liver of any poisoning; thus, it can be used as a remedy for poisoning. It serves to relieve the liver by stimulating its regeneration building up the damaged liver tissues. With the herb, you can help up your digestion process. The herb also has properties for stimulating the production of the bile. Gallbladder problems are solved using the herb.

8. Get some dandelion from your farm

Do not hate it for being a weed; it can do wonders to the health of your liver. The herb helps detoxify the liver and also for managing liver cirrhosis. If your liver has lots of fat, incorporating some dandelion in your dishes could be the solution.


Prevention is better than cure. You should embrace a healthy lifestyle to keep up the health of your liver. Ensure that you incorporate the above herbs for the better function of your liver.

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