The Many Uses Of Microfiber Cloths In House Cleaning

Hundreds of chemicals exist in the air, water and everywhere around us and we are vulnerable to them all the time. Even the products that we normally use at our homes like beauty products and home cleaning products contain many chemicals. In fact, the cleaning products contain some if the most dangerous chemicals and can be dangerous especially for the children in the home. Harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates and bleach are present in almost all of domestic cleaning products. These chemicals are very harmful for the skin, the respiratory system and the eyes. Also, these can be fatal if they are accidently swallowed. For this reason, green cleaning is not only healthier but also a very cost-effective option. For such issues, microfiber cloth is the answer. It is not only a greener solution but also a cost-effective one. But the question is how to use microfiber cloths?

What are Microfiber Cloths?

Compared to the normal house cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths can do wonders. The normal cloths need some kind of an agent like soap or another product so that the dirt can get absorbed. This can be then removed with any other cloth. If these agents are not used with the ordinary cloth then there are chances that dust and dirt might be left behind. On the other hand, the fibres of microfiber cloths are able to grip and pick up the dust particles. So, if you want a surface that is bright and clean then you should prefer the microfiber cloths and you should also know how to use them to get the best results.

How to use Microfiber Cloths?

The use of microfiber cloths is growing rapidly and these really are changing the meaning of home cleaning for people. People do use these for washing their cars, mopping their floors and sweeping any kind of surface in their homes. The use of these cloths has largely reduced the purchase of other products that are usually used to clean. Large numbers of people have shifted to making use of microfiber with plain water. Following are some ways in which you can use microfiber cloths.

In the kitchen: Microfiber cloths are most often used during kitchen cleaning. There are many uses of these in the kitchen like for wiping off countertops, floor, cabinets, appliances, utensils and stove tops. These will really do a wonderful job for you and will leave behind a shiny surface. They will clear away all the food spills, residue and greasy films.

In the bathroom: You can use these cloths in the bathroom to remove dust and dirt from the floor, sink, bath tub, tiles, windows and any appliances you have there. Once you try microfiber out, you will never want to use any other type of cleaner in your bathroom.

For dusting: Microfiber can do wonders with dusting. This is probably the best ever choice for dusting. These cloths are the best in picking up any type of dust particles and do not let them remain on the surface or get airborne. Also, the best thing about it is that there is no involvement of chemicals in this process. You will notice that you need to dust less often.

On surfaces: If you want to clean a surface and leave a nice shine then you should use a microfiber cloth. You can clean windows, mirrors, tiles and other surfaces with these cloths and you will observe a shiny surface. By using these during domestic cleaning you will definitely get a streak free finish. For this purpose, special microfiber cloths for polishing are available on the market.

By incorporating all these tips in your home cleaning routine you can make use of microfiber cloths in a wonderful way.

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