6 Easy Tricks To Step Up Your Workout Program

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to keep medical ailments at bay. As we move towards sedentary lifestyles, increasing daily physical exercise has become even more important.

Regular workouts can help you maintain your health, control your body weight and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Along with physical fitness, your workout plan can reduce your chances of developing mental issues, including stress and depression.

Your fitness regime need not be limited to exhausting exercises and jogging. You can pick an activity that you enjoy as long as it helps you work on your body muscles and limbs. If you are one of those who follow a regular fitness regime, then you are likely to be healthier and may have been successful at maintaining optimum body weight.

Following the same routine every day, however, can make working out seem boring and make you want to skip the workout plan. To combat this, you can sign up for new activities that you like.

6 Easy Tricks To Step Up Your Workout Program

Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your current workout schedule without overworking your body.

1. Go for Muscle-Building Exercises

Once your body is accustomed to your workout program, you can opt for a muscle-building plan to gain muscle mass. Before you hit the gym for a new plan, you need to increase your calorie and protein intake. It is advisable that you search for and hire a fitness trainer from ProHandz’s list of experienced fitness professionals, as he/she can guide you through the regime.

Your trainer will guide you to perform compound movements and train with weights. Do not overwork your body muscles and make sure that you get ample rest after each training session. Get sleep for about seven to eight hours a night to help your body relax the muscles.

2. Increase Endurance to Avoid Fatigue

Fatigue or extreme tiredness is a medical condition when you experience lethargy or lack of energy. It can be a serious problem when you are trying to increase your endurance.

Banish fatigue by chalking out a diet plan with your fitness trainer based on your body mass index and training schedule. One way to increase your stamina is by drinking a glass of beet juice before your workout. Beetroots contain an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid, which controls the glucose level in your blood.

Additionally, it increases the process of muscle oxygenation during exercise, and this enhances the body’s performance to take up intensive exercises without feeling fatigued.

3. Eat Frequently

When you want to increase the intensity of your fitness regime, you need to restore the energy in your body by eating nutritive meals. Eating meals at frequent intervals is the best way to improve your metabolism. You need to eat at least five times a day and ensure that the nutritional value of the food items is high.

Skipping meals or having just one or two meals can compel your body to store fat and burn the muscles. The idea of eating frequently may sound enjoyable to many; however, you need to pay closer attention to the portions. One trick to consume less quantity of food is by having your meals in smaller bowls, plates, and cups.

4. Do Not Eliminate Carbs

Proteins are considered to be vital for muscle-building. However, one cannot neglect the importance of carbohydrates in toning the muscles. The lack of carbs in your body can leave you feeling fatigued after a training session.

Before an intense workout program, you can have a fruit or a food item that is rich in sugar. For instance, a glass of banana smoothie can help you avoid over-straining your body after exercising.

Also, after an hour of rigorous training, you need carbs to begin the muscle-building process called anabolism. This can be activated when you consume protein, fats, and carbohydrates together. A chocolate milkshake can be a delicious way to initiate this process, as it contains all the three elements.

5. Plan Intensive Exercise Circuit

During intensive workouts, try to switch from one type of exercise to another as this increases your heart rate and pumps more blood to the system. Consult your trainer and plan a circuit of several exercises.

Make sure you include exercises that target different muscle groups so that you do not overwork a particular segment. Following such a circuit can help you relax the worked-up muscles in between exercises.

You can blend cardio exercises with strength training exercises as they keep the entire body active throughout the circuit.

6. Record your Achievements

Along with an effective workout plan, you need to track your achievements to make all the hard work count. You can set smaller milestones for yourself to be accomplished within a specific time period. Maintain a workout journal and break down your final goal into smaller, realistic objectives.

Regular workout sessions can get boring if you keep exercising the same way for a prolonged period of time. You need to upgrade your schedule time and again to keep your body active and fit. The above tips can help you know about how to intensify your fitness regime without harming yourself.

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