Know Everything About The Vaccinations Taken During Pregnancy

Motherhood is a blessing that is cherished by all the women who aspire to be mommies of the little angels. But, do you think being a mommy is easy? Well, if you make up your mind to start your family then you really have to consider many things for your health and that of your baby too. Pregnancy sounds exciting but you have to take proper vaccinations during the process for preventing major diseases from hampering your health. After all, if you’re affected, your child will also get affected. I’m sure no one wants such complications. Vaccinations play a major role in protecting you and safeguarding your baby’s health from the hands of infectious diseases. After all, your immunity is your cutie’s first defence against serious illnesses. So, if you’ve already conceived or planning to conceive, make sure you have knowledge of the vaccinations that are needed for your pregnancy.

Know Everything About The Vaccinations Taken During Pregnancy

Let me give you a brief on the list of vaccinations that should be taken during pregnancy. Read below:

  • Flu shot – This is one of the most important vaccinations that is taken during pregnancy. Women who get pregnant during the flu season which starts from November to March are recommended to take this vaccine. The flu shot is made of dead viruses which make the vaccine safe for the mother as well for the baby. But, never forget that each year there’s a new flu so never depend on the last year’s shot as it changes too. Keep updated and take the vaccine that is effective for you and for your little one. Would-be-mommies who come down with the flu during pregnancy are more likely to suffer complications like pneumonia. So, always take the vaccine for flu and stay tension free in your pregnancy.
  • Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis shot (Tdap) – This shot is given at any point during the pregnancy as Tdap is made of toxoids that are safe for pregnancy. Getting vaccinated with this vaccine safeguards you from pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria. Pertussis is whooping cough that is absolutely not desirable during this stage. Tetanus is a disease of the central nervous system that causes painful muscle spasms and convulsions. This is highly infectious and can lead to fatal consequences. And on the other hand, diphtheria is a respiratory infection that causes breathing problem, paralysis and sometimes can lead to death. So, why take a chance when you can prevent these diseases with Tdap? Make sure you get vaccinated with this to lead a happy life during pregnancy.

There are many additional vaccines like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Pneumococcal vaccine that can be taken before or during pregnancy to protect you from such deadly diseases. You should leave no stones unturned to ensure a happy motherhood which is possible only if you take a lot of care during pregnancy. Isn’t it fun to welcome the newest member of the family with a wide smile on your face? There are many health care corporations who have come up with doorstep vaccination facilities so consult them and get vaccinated. Read up, be aware of significant pregnancy vaccinations that are needed for a happy and healthy life. Enjoy pregnancy to the fullest. Good luck!

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