Back Pain Treatment In Putney From Physio4life

If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone. Back pain frequently happens due to overuse, strain or injury. This includes excessive lifting, twisting, bending, and even too much sitting.

Low back pain will impact about 75 to 85 percent of adults during their lifetime. If your back pain is changing your life and is constant, ask your GP about a referral to a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can let you handle pain and improve your health and well-being. A physiotherapist is also able to give you guidance on ways to keep symptoms from reoccurring, for example by teaching the proper way to lift and pull things.

Back Pain Treatment In Putney From Physio4life

For people living in Putney, get your back pain treatment in Putney from Physio4life. Receiving attention from an accredited physical therapist can further enhance the chances a patient can keep their quality of life and avoid a back operation.

How physio4life can help

Back pain comes in different forms, and your treatment should be tailored to satisfy your particular case. You should anticipate the following from Physio 4 life therapists:

Personal evaluation: They will ask you several questions about your particular case and will extensively examine you for problems with posture, joint mobility, strength, flexibility, and motion. Focus will be given to how you use your body on the job, at home, during sporting and leisure activities.

Personal treatment strategy: Once your evaluation is complete they will develop a strategy designed for your particular kind of back pain. This may consist of a strategy to decrease pain and restore full mobility, manual therapy procedures like spinal manipulation to improve freedom of joints and soft tissues. Also, they will make sure that proper strengthening or flexibility exercises are carried out and provide you with direction about your back and training exercises for proper bending, lifting, sleep, sitting, and doing chores.

What are the advantages of receiving your back pain treatment in Putney from physio4life?

Because they are specialists in restoring and enhancing movement, they treat constant or recurrent upper or lower back pain. They are also experts in prevention and back accident reduction. Physio4life are highly-knowledgeable, accredited healthcare professionals who can help patients reduce pain and enhance or restore freedom — in many instances without expensive surgery or the side effects of drugs.

How can you prevent low back pain?

  • Keep your abdomen, back, and leg muscles active and flexible
  • Keep your body in alignment when lifting load
  • Don’t slouch—keep your bearing straight
  • Employ good body posture on the job, at home, or during leisure activities
  • When lifting, keep the weight near to your body
  • Ask for support or use an assistive equipment to lift heavy items
  • Keep a routine physical fitness routine. Remaining active can help prevent injuries

What to do when you’ve got low back pain

Typically, low back pain is moderate and will disappear by itself. However, this is not the case for some people. For some people, back pain can return or continue, resulting in a decline in quality of life or even handicap.

Remain active and do as much of your regular exercise as possible when you’ve got low back pain. Taking bed rest for more than a day can slow down your healing. If your pain continues more than a day or two or gets worse, then you definitely should schedule an appointment to see your physical therapist. Do not wait any longer than is necessary, remember the longer you let the pain go untreated, the worse your condition might get.

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