The Latest Hearing Aid Tech In 2016

One of the most important organs of the body is the ear. However, the ear’s function can be affected by some internal or external factors, which can affect a person’s sense of hearing. Also, as a person grows older, his sense of hearing is affected; hence, a medical advice of an ear specialist should be sought.


There are some options offered that can help restore or improve the hearing problem. One option is by wearing in-ear hearing aids. This is also the most popular choice. In fact, every now and then, new versions of hearing aids are introduced.

In choosing a hearing aid, it’s important for you to know which one will suit your needs. And with the market booming around this technology, you will have several options to choose from. You should never do a trial and error; because not only are they expensive but wearing the wrong one will also damage your hearing further. The kind of hearing aid you need depends on the hearing loss that you are suffering. You should identify the power and the kind of features that the hearing aid will provide before finally buying it.

If you’re up for the latest Hearing Aid Technology, take a look at the list below.

  1. Oticon’s Sensei SP – This is a hearing aid especially made for kids to help them understand speech. It has a Speech Guard E which saves important details of the speech. Other features include a feedback shield that impedes whistling, a noise damper that automatically limits noise or sound, wireless connectivity, a hypoallergenic nano-shield and a LED light that can signal that the hearing aid is functioning well.
  2. Oticon’s Dynamo – This sensitive and powerful hearing aid also uses a Speech Guard E and a Speech Rescue that can deliver a high-frequency sound to a lower frequency sound. It also uses an Inium Sense feedback shield that can provide a much better feedback management. Dynamo also provides complete sustenance and comfort for those suffering from tinnitus.
  3. Oticon’s BTE Plus Power – This hearing aid has a quick processing power and can capture the softest speech sounds. It also uses the Inium Sense feedback shield and the Brain Hearing Technology.
  4. Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid – This can help remove any obstruction that causes hearing loss.
  5. Beltone Hearing Aid – This produces natural sounds that you normally hear when your ears are in good condition. The hearing aid can also minimize loud background, irritating sounds like sounds coming from the computers and from the refrigerators.
  6. Sonic’s Cheer – This is created to provide inexpensive wireless functions to many people. Its Speech Variable Processing platform concentrates on creating natural sounds and clear speeches.
  7. Widex’s Unique – Sound Class Technology is specially designed to help a person hear what he really wants to hear. It can eliminate irritating sounds or noise. Its Audibility Extender can deliver a high-frequency sound to the users with a lower frequency.

These state of the art technologies which are used to design and create powerful hearing aids have brought back hope and life to those people who have been bothered by their hearing problems.

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