Assam Black Tea and Its Health Benefits

Want to relive the taste of past over a cup of tea? Not a bad idea. Go for the Assam black tea and cherish your moments. Nothing beats the black tea if you are really looking forward to rejuvenate your spirit. Being a popular infusion amongst the consumers, the Assam black tea comes with a bright colour and malty flavour. This particular tea is identified by its long and twisted dark brown shoots. Generally referred to as an Irish breakfast or English breakfast tea, this beverage is named after the world’s leading tea growing region, Assam. You will be very excited to know about its various health benefits as well. Buy Assam tea online to experience what exactly the brew can bring for you.

Assam Black Tea and Its Health Benefits

History of Assam Black Tea

There is an ancient Chinese proverb saying – “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than the tea for one.” True, it is difficult to live an entire day without a refreshing cup of tea. As per history, tea drinking had its origin in China in the 3rd century AD. This tea is believed to be grown near or at sea level and is widely known for its briskness and strong flavour. Bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh, Assam lies on the sides of the Brahmaputra River. After Southern China, Assam is considered to be the second tea production region across the globe. In fact, these are the only two sections in the world that have native tea plants. Grown in the tropical weather conditions, this tea is popular for its brisk flavoured profile.

It dates back to 1823, when Robert Bruce, a Scottish adventurer explored the world’s biggest tea growing region, Assam. It was Robert, who found the camellia assamica increasing in numbers in Assam. It was in 1839 when the Assam Tea Company was established following the production of Assam black tea. Today, tea is highly appreciated across the globe and its caffeine content is preferred for a perfect breakfast feed.

Specialities of Assam Black Tea

Apart from the rich flavours, ample of health benefits add to the specialities of this infusion. The rich content of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins make tea highly beneficial to prevent illnesses.

Improve Mental Health

Caffeine is considered as a stimulant and, thus, it helps you to stay concentrated and awake all through out the day.

Theanine is an amino acid that leads to mind relaxation and helps you stay alert as well. The presence of this acid makes you less tired.

In order to relieve the tension and stimulate your memory, buy Assam tea online today.
Cardiovascular Health

If you want to improve your entire cardiovascular health, make sure you buy Assam tea online today. As it is rich in antioxidants it will both lower your blood pressure and strengthen your blood vessels.

This Indian black tea prevents plaque build-up and breaks up bad cholesterol.
Improved Digestion and Weight Loss

If you are suffering from a sluggish digestion do not forget to drink black tea on a routine basis.

It helps in faster digestion, thereby, making your body absorb less sugar or fat from food. This will not only lead to potential weight loss, but also reduce your sugar levels.

One of the most important health benefits that cannot be missed out is Cancer Prevention. The antioxidants help in boosting the immune system, thereby, preventing the damage in your cells. So, buy Assam black tea online to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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