Effectiveness Of Health Care Services In Australia

The growth and development of a nation depends on the heath of the populace as it has been rightly said that health is wealth. One of the major parameter to determine the effective of the healthcare service of a nation is the time span of the survival of the nationals of that country. This is termed as life expectancy. One nation that has declared that residents of that country will survive two tears longer is Australia. This declaration on the part of Australia highlights the effectiveness of healthcare in Australia as it is a really big thing to be able to increase the life span of the people.

The state and territory governments provide healthcare services free of cost and depending on the access to the subsidy. Government owns a wide web of the network of public clinics and look after the school health, community programs, dentistry, mental health etcetera. Public hospitals differ in size as few provide only the urgent treatment whereas many specialize in long term rehabilitation care. There are emergency rooms that are available all around the country in around 700 public clinics. Over 87 thousand beds are in the public clinics. 17 hospitals specialize in mental health care.

Effectiveness Of Health Care Services In Australia

The private health care services are highly developing in the country. Around 30% of the beds are with the private sector. Elite class and especially those who earn well prefer to get themselves treated in private hospitals as it offers several benefits. First and foremost is the freedom of choosing the doctor of your choice, followed by the time of treatment in addition to the flexibility in the healthcare facility. Most of the family doctors belong to the private sector. This sector in highly competitive in providing the best of health care facilities and offers the assortment of services common for all the developed nations.

The medical sector of the nation has successfully evolved as one of the efficient systems without getting indulged in issues like excessively high prices for the treatment, mistreatment of any patient at times of adversity and those who are suffering from chronic illness, any sort of delay in the treatment process etcetera. Another factor that indicates the effectiveness of the medical services in Australia is the low infant mortality rate which is 3 per 1 thousand live births. The government also persuades the people to buy private medical insurance as early as possible.

The government realizes well the fact that it has to incur a lot of expenditure to maintain the health care facilities for its citizens. It is trying its level best to encourage the private sector to undertake as much investment as it can. The gift of competition is the low cost of premiums which are quite affordable. The nation also tries its level best to keep its medical sector away from the influence of the politics. It has achieved success in spreading awareness about health and encouraging self- management and personal financial responsibility of patients.

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