How To Prepare Yourself For A Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

There is a huge number of diseases that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats successfully. It is simple and easy to use but there are a few things to know about when it comes to a preparation before the treatment. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed underpressurehbot.

How To Prepare Yourself For A Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

First of all, patients must take a bath and clean their whole body that includes the hair too. Do not use chemical products such as perfumes, make up – nail, nail polish or anything else. That applies for women. Men should shave their beards because it may be a bit problematical for the oxygen mask. You need to created conditions to use the treatment properly. When it comes to clothes, anything other than cotton is not recommended. Try to eat vegetables and fruits one day before you receive the oxygen therapy. When you enter the room, be sure to wear appropriate slippers. That is pretty much everything you need to do before the treatment.

There are written instructions in every clinic that provides hyperbaric oxygen treatment. You must read them carefully and be sure that you apply all of them. If you have some kind of prosthetic devices you must own a written document that you can enter into the room with them. If not, you must remove them before entering. If you have some wounds on the body, make sure to cover them with clean sterile gauze to prevent infections. It is strongly prohibited to enter with a chewing gum or food. Your mouth must be empty.

Once you enter the room be sure not to touch anything. All you need to do is stay calm and sit. Leave all your devices outside, such as phone, headphones, etc. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. There will be a person who will talk to you when the therapy starts in case you don’t like it. You will need to put the oxygen mask on your face and breathe in deeply. This will make you feel strange at first because we are not used to breathe pure oxygen. In case you have problems you are allowed to stop the treatment. But there are no side effects noted so far. The only way to breathe in pure oxygen is through the mask. Make sure you feel comfortable when you put the mask on your face because it should stay there the whole time until the process ends.

If you experience some kind of symptoms during the treatment you should immediately notify the technicians by raising your hand in order to draw their attention. This also applies in case you notice some kind of problems with the equipment or the mask and ask to be moved to another room immediately. The treatments are being performed in specialized rooms with trained medical personal. Make sure you pay attention even to the smallest details in order for the treatment to be successful.

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