How To Get Lighter Skin In A Week Naturally and Inexpensively

Blessed are the people who do not have to do anything for a beautiful and light skin and are naturally gifted with light and luscious skin. Ask people with dark and pigmented skin who have to go through tiring and frustrating (sometimes painful and skin irritating) procedures to get light skin.

If you are in touch with the current statistics of products used for lightening of the skin, then cosmetic products like different forms of bleaching are trending the market. Women around the globe are shelling out huge money for products that are guaranteeing to get a lighter skin tone.

How To Get Lighter Skin In A Week Naturally and Inexpensively

What are Bleaches?

Bleaches are cosmetic products which aid in skin lightening, brightening and smoothening. Such bleaches are usually made of different chemicals that are effective in the reduction of skin problems like blemishes and dark spots. It works by decreasing the concentration of melanin in the skin hence lightening it.

Side Effects of Bleaching Products:

Having said the above it is not necessary that the bleaching products always work and many times they are not even safe as some of them cause itchy and inflammatory skin. Secondly, everybody has a different skin type. It is very essential to determine your skin type before trying different skin bleaching products available in the market.

Alternate Option:

But using such expensive creams and lotions is not affordable by everyone. Hence many women all over the world have to make do with their skin types and skin problems. But it is not necessary to worry any more. Below you can find a list of homemade masks and bleaches that are cost-friendly and effective.

yogurt, Honey and Strawberry Face Mask:

Yogurt is known to destroy dead skin cells from your skin and helps reducing discoloration of the skin. Strawberries and honey have anti-bacterial benefits that deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your pores. When these ingredients are combined in a face mask, it can effectively brighten and lighten your skin.


Milk is a power house of essential nutrients like calcium, lactic acid, vitamins and saturated fats that work wonders on your skin. It can be used in different ways and combines with various other ingredients like sugar and aloe vera gel to instantly get supple and smoother skin that is at least 2 tones brighter and lighter.


Tomato itself is a naturally bleaching ingredient. It has abundance of an antioxidant called lycopene that is proven to protect the skin against harmful UV rays of the sun. It also contains strong astringents and natural acids that tighten the skin pores giving it a younger look.


The Orange fruit is gaining immense popularity as an effective ingredient for bleaching the skin. Its vitamin C and calcium properties are effective for fighting against the aging free radicles. It also works wonders on acne reduction and revitalizes the skin giving it a fresh feel.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is oldest and the most natural form of skin moisturizer. It is a form of plant life which is very cool and can fight sunburns effectively. It is also very rich in antioxidants and aids in lightening the skin tone and keeping it moisturized and supple.

Here’s hoping that the above mentioned tips and ingredients would prove to be effective for your skin problems. But these tips are helpful only when you follow a healthy routine to take care of not just your skin but your body as well.

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