Importance Of Recreation In Our Life

Recreation is about enjoying delightful activities that bring you satisfaction & pleasure. In this life that is completely packed with busy schedules, meetings and many days to day jobs, it is very necessary to understand the importance of recreation, and to keep some time from your busy timetable to recreation activities. In this write-up, we will tell you about the importance of recreation. Recreation is spending quality time in enjoyable activities that encourage cheerfulness and self-possession in our busy life. It can be in the type of relaxing, amusement, or adventure. It is the means to take an energizing break from the boredom of daily schedules.

Importance Of Recreation In Our Life

Actually, we have become a part of never ending race of modern lifestyle. Because of our unquenchable desire for wealth, supremacy, or achievement, our destination keeps outdistancing us and we keep chasing it with all our strength. We become very busy and not able to give some precious time for our family & friends. We have no time to think about ourselves and no time to recreation. Recreation is a god gift to take that much-needed break from a busy schedule.

Importance of Recreation

Improves Health

Recreation is about taking part in everything that’s enjoyable to our body & mind. Giving some time for leisure activities every day keeps you healthy in the long run. Involve yourself in some a physical activity, play indoor & outdoor sports, or work out daily. These activities lead the way to fitness & good health. A study has shown that recreation on a daily basis decreases the risk of diabetes and hypertension boosts your physical and mental health and improves the way of life.

Importance Of Recreation In Our Life

Enhances Confidence

Adventure activities are the best way of recreation, according to the experts “taking part in adventure activities has given an encouraging effect on your health”. This type of activities encourages you, give strength to your confidence and raises self-awareness. For adventure activities, you can join bungee jumping, cycling, mountain tracking, paragliding and many others. These adventure sports make you feel high confident and relaxed. The enthusiasm and excitement that appears with adventure sports add to the freshness. These types of recreation activities make you face challenges, give confidence you to take risks, and help build confidence.

Gives You an Opportunity to show Talent

Recreation activities include anything you which you like most, for example, photography, cooking and modern art etc. So, it is the best way to show the hidden talent and boost confidence. If you follow these hobbies, it can become your best career. For example, if photography is your hobby, with long practice you can become best professional photographers. You can also choose your hobby in dancing, modern art & painting etc, and after some time select it as your profession. Therefore, what you enjoy as the name of recreation could later become a profession, for which it is essential to devote sufficient time to it.

Helps You Socialize

Recreation activities are the best platform to meet with the people of different fields. It is very essential for building and maintaining of social connections, and thus for inspiring your personal & social life. Recreational activities give you the chance to mingle with new people and expand your friend circle.  It lets you share your opinions & views with others and understand views & opinions of other.

Importance Of Recreation In Our Life

Broadens Your Horizons

You can broaden your horizon in recreation like traveling. It can increase your knowledge about different parts of the world and people. You can meet with people of different cultures, backgrounds and be familiar with their rituals etc. Activity like reading increases your knowledge and changes your point of views about different serious topics of the world. Recreation – be it from enjoying outside and chit chat with people or through spending some time in privacy, it helps broaden your thinking.

Gives You Family Time

Recreation is the best way to spend quality time with your children, wife, and parents through activities like picnic, indoor and outdoor games etc. Recreation with family members helps to make stronger your bond with them. In your tight schedules, you don’t have sufficient time for your life partner, your parents, and you are unable to spend time with your kids. Your family members have some expectation from you, they want to spend some quality time with you, but your work responsibilities may not allow you to. But, recreation can give you the complete opportunity to enjoy the company of your loved once. A vacation or outing in the weekends with your family members like goes out for the movie, nearby museum and historical monuments give you excellent family time.

Importance Of Recreation In Our Life

Best Way to Enjoy the Company of Nature

With leisure activities like water sports, morning or evening walk in the park, picnics, and outdoor games, you get an opportunity to stay in the proximity of nature. Being near to Mother Nature energize your day and invigorates your mind. Recreation mainly that connecting to the green surrounding is important to bring back the lost energy and reduce mental stress as well as physical tiredness.

Sets You Free

Recreation is a set of activities you are having the liking for. This presents you a feeling of sovereignty and makes you feel hassle-free. These activities facilitate boost affirmative energy, support the development of an optimistic personality, and help you feel stress-free. Doing activities that you like the most or something of your choice like swimming, playing or just sitting amid the green nature, sets your mind free. The feeling of freedom raises positivity, helps increase confidence and improves your mental happiness.


In the last, I want to clarify that there are two types of recreation. Active Recreation – is about enjoying adventure & outdoor games. Passive Recreation – is taking part in the activities like walking, chit-chat with friends, or just sits out in the middle of green landscape etc.  But both kinds of recreation have own set of benefits, they can convert your bad mood into good, boost your inner strength and above all give you mental peace.

In today’s metropolitan life, it seems impossible to get all these at one place. Don’t worry; many real estate developers in India are paying special attention to this matter and trying hard to offer the best recreation within their residential communities.  For example Tata Housing residential project “Tata Primanti” in Sector 72 Gurgaon, offering 25,000 sq. ft. of club house with the range of recreational facilities like swimming pool, gym, squash & badminton, badminton & squash court,  80% area for greenery with water bodies & seating arrangement. It is the best opportunity for the people who want to enjoy different recreational facilities within the premise of the community.

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