Best Indoor Games For Personality Development!

Sports and gaming activities are not only the best stress cutters but also good mood lifters. They facilitate to strong developments of the physical and mental state of human being. These indoor games and sports give us the satisfaction of playing in a secure environment. And the best thing is that about indoor games, you can play them all year round and 24X7. Bad climate and natural light cannot interrupt you from playing. Now we describing few indoor games and sports, which are best for you and your family.


Snooker is an indoor game which was invented in India by the officers of British Army, now very popular in western countries with top professional players who are enjoying millions of pounds earnings from this game. This game is played with 15 red balls, 6 balls of different colors and a white ball on a billiards board, in which we have to pot the other balls by the white ball. Many people play snooker only for the recreational purpose and many plays it for earning. This game may look like very easy and ordinary but there is so much excitement in it with tricks of physics and geometry. This game gives you focusing power and management and boost self-confidence if you are superior at this game.


Squash court

Squash is a game that needs lots of stamina & energy and provides fun and leisure. This game is played in an enclosed court by 2 or 4 players who hit the ball with their rackets towards the wall surface.  In India not many people familiar with this game but it is gaining so much fame these days because of the fact that people are enjoying it, once they start playing. Besides being pleasurable, it is also beneficial for health. Playing squash recovers cardiovascular strength balances your body weight and increases flexibility. This game helps you to make new friends and learn better social skills.


This game is the best choice for the hang out with friends; bowling is a sport in which we have to roll a ball to hit down a group of pins. This game is not as easy as it looks, you must be able to understand the actual land conditions to throw the ball. One thing you have to know about bowling is that this game is not only for fun, but it also has many health related advantageous like the excellent growth of the muscles, lose weight and body toning. You can meet with new people at the bowling alley.


Table tennis

It is one of the popular indoor games in the world and an indoor version of tennis, played on a table which is divided into equal parts by a net with small paddles and small light-weighted ball.

Table tennis is an active sport and also excellent for your body & mind. It has numerous physical and mental advantages. It also develops flexibility, cut the extra weight of the body, improves attentiveness and brain activities. Even if this game can be played with full energy and dexterity, but there is a minor risk of injury.


It is a very popular game in India, generally, you can see the people playing badminton in the streets & parks. This game played by two people with 2 rackets and shuttlecock which is volleyed across a net in the center.  This game is a complete package of entertainment and health benefits. Regular badminton players are free from bad cholesterol, hypertension and maintain blood pressure with strong & stretchable muscles. It is a very friendly game and a great way to de-stress yourself and chill out after a demanding day at work.



It is one of the most ancient games until now very popular in the middle of every age group of people! It is a war of two minds over the chess board with 16 pieces on each side. This game has its own addiction like love & music to give happiness. People from every age group and different class cannot ignore this game because of its own benefits like mental development, decision taking power and treat many other disabilities. People can learn much more with the game of chess like judging power of body language, boost memory power, and creativeness. This game will also teach you patience and control on your anger.


This game is played by 2 teams of 6 players on each side. Volleyball requires a rectangular court and a high net, which is divided the court into an equal part, each team hit the ball on other side and tries to ground the ball on other team’s court. This is a high energy sport which needs a lot of body movements like jumping, squatting, diving and multi-dimensional hand & leg movements is required. By Volleyball game our body has many advantages like burning extra fat from the body, improving hand-eye coordination, team work and excellent physical fitness.



It is one of the most popular indoor games in the world. It is just like a fighting between to fit bodies and their fitness in a boxing ring. Boxing makes our body and mind strong. As one of the toughest game in the world, it has many benefits like self-defense, anger management, and balanced body weight etc.  Professional boxing these days is a best way earns name and fame to aspiring boxers. To learn boxing you have to face a very tough situation. Boxers bear inevitable pain during their training period. I am always impressed by their guts, power, and patience.



Swimming is not only a game but a recreational activity as well, in which we move smoothly through water using our hands & feet. We personally feel very soothing experience with water. A long swimming session on a hot sunny day with cold water is a wonderful experience and it is tranquil too. It is a kind of exercise in itself and helps our body to stay fit. It as well restores energy, increases blood circulation in our body, and builds stamina, and strength of the muscles. There are four types of swimming in the competitive levels like freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. If you are a beginner in swimming, you should have followed the complete safety measure under the guidance of experts.


But the main concern is that “where you can get all these indoor games or recreational facilities?” In India, especially Delhi NCR you can find all these games in Khel Gaon, Community Club Houses or Sports Cities. If you are also want to enjoy all these activities, then Tata Value Homes upcoming project in Sector 150 Noida on Noida – Greater Noida Expressway is an excellent option for you. This residential project will provide most of these indoor games within the community and for more options, Tata Value Homes Noida is nearby Sports City to satisfy all your needs for indoor & outdoor games.

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