Simple Strategies For Marketing Art

Whether you’re marketing music, photography, paintings, or any type of art, there are ways to connect with audience on levels different than corporate branding and commercial advertising. We’ll explore a few simple ideas below to engage the mind and re-envision the approach to promoting unique artwork.

The Firewood Video. This video promoting artisanal firewood is probably the best Youtube example you’ll ever see relating to how promote artwork. Of course by promoting with the medium of video, the multimedia experience by its nature captures a greater level of sensory experience. Creating compelling videos in this fashion will capture the audience in ways that create a more lasting impression. It will also leave them wondering if what they saw was real!

Frame Your Art Before Distribution. Whether we’re talking about paintings and picture frames, or music album covers, to creating book covers for your published literary works, framing can provide the context needed to accentuate your masterpieces in the form of a presentation. A perfect example for photographers and painters would be a service like Frameology, where you can upload high resolution images for custom print on demand along with choosing the best frames for physical displays.

Facebook Groups That Share Similar Interests. If your particular type of artistry has a niche audience of people who would enjoy or appreciate your work, then it will benefit you to perform a Facebook search for groups and join them for social sharing purposes. All it takes is a few people to share or link to your blog, and your website might catch fire. It will depend who your artwork appeals to people. You know, you might want to make a Firewood-style video above and get it to go viral!

Offer Art as a Custom Service. Think about which types of people might benefit from your unique type of art. If it’s more physical such as handmade and crafted items, you can set up a shop on Etsy and start making sales to people who are interested in such items. On the other hand if you have digital design experience and work with Photoshop, look at people who are buying new domains and building their own websites. You can offer your services on various freelance sites like Freelancer and Fiverr.

With that said, also try creating profiles on social platforms other than the big three (Facebook, Twitter, and Google). Look into more niche related social networks where the focus is on your art. For musicians, an example of that could be the popular Soundcloud platform.

In today’s social media environment, marketing your art is just important as making it when it’s your sole means of income.

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