The Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

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The Japanese have long been known for their expertise in all things tea, and this specially ground form of tea has ten times more nutritional value than regular green tea, making it very popular around the world. The plant undergoes special treatment from the word go, and is shaded for the last three weeks before harvest. The stems and veins are removed during processing, and the shaded period stimulates the growth of both Caffeine and theanine, which is thought to be the reason why the drinker feels calm and contented.

The Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Ceremonial Rites

Matcha tea formed the basis for ancient Japanese ceremonies that were very spiritual. This special form of tea has been around since the 6th century, when the Chinese were known to consume it. In modern times, matcha tea powder is consumed mainly for its unique taste and great nutritional properties, and each tea bud is hand-picked to ensure the best product.

Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals

Antioxidants are created naturally, and in recent years, medical science has learned about the anti-ageing properties, which is why we hear so much about them. Matcha tea is ground powder, which means you are drinking the whole leaf, rather than a strained liquid, as in regular tea. The extra vitamins and minerals that the leaf contains are another benefit to this amazing beverage. Amino acids are essential for good health, and they are found in abundance in this unique blend of tea.

Quality Taste

The higher grades of matcha tea are very sweet, as the concentrated amino acids affect the flavour, bringing a unique taste to the drinker. Low grade matcha is used for cooking, and is not as sweet as the higher grade tea.

Special Grinding Process

The matcha leaves are milled very slowly, otherwise the heat from the rotating stones would change the unique taste, which means it can take up to one hour to ground just 30 grams of tea. The special process in largely responsible for the unique flavour, and the tea is painstakingly looked after at every stage.


These special antioxidants are found in matcha tea, and this is said to have cancer fighting qualities. This unique antioxidant is not found in any other plant, and it helps to prevent skin damage from UV and the pollutions that modern life brings. A daily dose of matcha tea can help restore the body’s balance, and this is why it is so popular in the western world today.

Boosts Metabolism

Matcha tea is known to stimulate the metabolic process and this burns fat, so drinking matcha tea, along with the right diet, can help you to lose weight. Other properties include a level of alertness and calmness, which is why Japanese Buddhist monks drank the tea. Theanine is present in all teas, but there is a much higher concentration in matcha tea, and it is what makes the tea so special.

Matcha tea has long been known for its medicinal properties in Japan, but today, the western world is also benefitting from drinking this amazing tea.

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