6 Magical Remedies To Treat Chickenpox & Get Rid Of Them In Two Weeks!

Chickenpox is a virus-related disease that causes itchy red rashes. It is exceptionally infectious for individuals who never had the virus or not immunized against it. Normally this virus is common in children and adults can also get infected. The common symptoms of chickenpox are:

  • High fever with a severe throat infection
  • Headache
  • Shivering
  • Pain in muscles
  • Spots show up in yields. They form into little rankles and are bothersome.

6 Magical Remedies To Treat Chickenpox & Get Rid Of Them In Two Weeks!

I present to you six magical remedies to reduce the side effects of chickenpox.

  1. Medicines

The common cases of chickenpox need practically no treatment past the home solutions for chickenpox. In any case, a few meds can give assistance. For high fever and severe throat infection, different drugstore cures are recommended by a Doctor.

The best painkillers to try include Panadol and Paracetamol as they are safe to use by everyone even kids with more than two months of age. Exceptional fluid forms of these painkillers are accessible for youthful kids and infants.

Azithromycin  (250 mg) is an option on the off chance if you are an adult and have a high fever. Never offer this medicine to a youngster under 16 as it can be unsafe for them.

Calamine lotion and cooling lotion Virasoothe are magical ointments to apply on chickenpox and help in reducing the rashes.

  1. Abstain From Scratching

In case you scratch it can bring about scarring, moderate recuperating and increment the danger of contamination. On the off chance that your kid can’t stop the scratching than you ought to trim their fingernails and put gloves.

  1. Avoid The Virus From Spreading

In case you or your kid have this viral disease than do not go to school, college or work. Generally, in 10-15days all the pox get crushed. Avoid any individual who is not insusceptible from chickenpox to keep it from spreading.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

You need to include specific & healthy food into your diet. And remove some from your meal for the proper functioning of your immune and digestive system.

  • You need to increase the intake of water, fresh vegetables, and natural product juices that will keep you hydrated and enhance your insusceptibility.
  • Avoid processed and junk food and keep away from foods that are hard to digest, for example, profound dish, cheddar pizza, French fries, baked food items, red meat, and hot nourishments and so on.
  • Eat nourishments which are high in vitamin A and C, calcium, zinc and magnesium to boost stamina and support insusceptibility, for example, Wheat germ, broccoli, almonds, fish, apricots, broccoli and so forth.
  1. Scrub Down- Take Bath

Oatmeal bath is best for the person who is having chickenpox. Oats functions admirably to soothe the skin, alleviating irritation from rashes. The procedure of taking bath is:

  • Fill the bathing tub with lukewarm water and blend some oats in a food processor to get a powder. During the time the bathtub is topping off, spin the powder around into the water. Soak up the smooth water. A bit of cereal will be left on your hair and skin but it will calm the irritation of your skin.
  1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best source to provide nourishment to skin and smooths the skin. Gently massage coconut oil and it helps the pox scars to be less inflamed finally disappear.

The above-mentioned remedies work as magic. In case if you suffer from fever for longer (more than 3-4 days), chickenpox rashes start leaking pus, frequent vomiting then rash to your doctor.

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