Top 7 Must Visit Weekend Destinations Of Kerala

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Alleppey Backwaters Kerala

Gods own country, Kerala is known for the most fascinating wonders and people can easily spend a wonderful holiday in the particular south Indian state. Not just a complete vacation, but people can easily spend weekends in a unique manner, exploring the charming location of Kerala.

There are innumerable weekend gateways around the fascinating location and here are a few that are to be visited once in a lifetime.

1. Idukki Sanctuary

The Idduki wildlife sanctuary is one amazing place where people can spend a weekend seeing the wildlife in natural habitat. Not just the rare or the common animals, but one can feel amazed with the finest environment and spend a holiday in the land known for its exceptional beauty.

Idduki wildlife sanctuary

2. Alapuzha or Alleppey

Known as the Venice of the East this is one enchanting region of Kerala. This is the best way to drown in the nature beauty of Kerala and the floating boathouses stand as a special attraction and it is also called as backwater tours of Kerala. The region is one amazing weekend gateway for people who love to spend a holiday watching the breathtaking sites. You can travel to Kerala and see the beauty of “God’s Own Country”.

Alleppey Backwaters Kerala

3. Thiruvananthapuram

The charming city with the world famous Padmanabha Swami Mandir Thiruvananthapuram is one perfect place to spend a weekend. One can see a lot in the city, which includes museums, parks, and tourist villages along with the ancient temple.

Padmanabha Swami Mandir Thiruvananthapuram

4. Munnar

This is one outstanding region perfect for a weekend or even a  whole vacation as the region is loaded with attraction One can see the enchanting nature beauty along with the  vast acres of the tea plantations. The greenery and the scenic beauty mesmerize people and is one most visited place of Kerala.

Munnar South India

5. Fort Kochi

Plan a weekend to explore the heritage sites of Fort Kochi as this is one worthy place to visit in Kerala (Kerala Viajes). The forts, houses, streets and everything in this location is picture perfect and makes the traveler enjoy the ambience. People looking to slip away from the hectic lifestyle and easily visit the region and bag a few memories.

Fort Kochi

6. Kumarakom Lake Resort

Relax yourself by stepping in this center as here one get an Ayurvedic massage which is a great stress buster. With a peaceful nature ambience the location is extremely impressive and can enjoy the weekend and get a relaxing massage with aromatic and medicinal herb oils.

Kumarakom Lake Resort

7. Guruvayur

The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is one wonderful place and people can happily visit this beautiful temple during the weekend. Considered to be one of the oldest temples one can easily reach Guruvayur from Kochi. The charming sight of the deity and the rituals mesmerizes every devotee and the tank in the temple even owes a specialty.

Guruvayur Temple

Starting from Munnar till Cochin there are several tourist places for weekends in Kerala so plan a holiday and grab some memorable moments.  Also, take the Kerala Tours and enjoy these destinations with your family.

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