How Sugary Foods and Beverages can Damage Your Teeth

When it comes to oral health, many dental professionals are concerned if their patients are consuming more sugary drinks and non-nutritious snacks which adversely affect their tooth. Food choices and eating patterns of the people are crucial as these affect how quickly they develop teeth decay. Everyone’s mouth contains some harmful bacteria which decompose the sugar. Whenever you have any sweetened food item or beverage, these bacteria convert the sugar into acid, which causes cavities and tooth decay.

How Sugary Foods and Beverages can Damage Your Teeth

Although oral problems are becoming increasingly common, you can prevent them by keeping proper care of your gums and teeth. Visit your dentist at regular interval of every six months for a thorough check-up. Some renowned dental clinics are there in Cryodon that provide commendable service to keep your mouth in sound health, Natureza Dental Practice is one of them.

  • Why excess sugar intake damages the tooth enamel?

Our mouth contains some harmful bacteria as well as beneficial ones. The harmful category works to turn the sugar contained on sugary foods and drinks you take into acid, which eat away the enamel of your molars. Thus, excess intake of sugary foods and beverages can cause cavities. On leaving the cavities untreated, they grow deeper, finally affecting root system of the teeth. Gradually, you experience pain and there is even the risk of tooth loss. Go for regular visits to a local Croydon dentist at Natureza Dental Practice to better health and longer life for your molars.

  • How can you control sugar intake to prevent tooth damage or cavities?

You can read labels on the container of foods or beverages and select those that contain low sugar content. Usually, sugar present in candy, pastries, soft drinks and cookies damage your tooth structure. By reducing sugar intake, you can lessen the risk of damaging your teeth enamel.

  • How to care for your gums and teeth?

Proper diet is a crucial key to restore your oral health. You should never ignore the aspect of healthy eating to keep your gums and teeth free from diseases and infections. As you control excessive consumption of sugary items in one hand, you should get indulged into a balanced diet comprising of milk, fresh fruits and vegetables on the other. In order to ensure proper intake of calcium, drink enough quantity of milk regularly. In addition to the tips mentioned above, you should pay regular visit at a dental care clinic in Croydon in your area to stay safe from toothaches, cavities and gum inflammations.

Constant awareness is the key to enhance oral health. Brush your teeth properly every day to keep them free from unwanted plaques and tartars. To ensure better results from brushing, you may use fluoride base toothpaste. Ask your dental professional to refer you such toothpastes. Hopefully, you have gained a lot of information about the adverse effects of sugar intake on oral health. If you control the quantity of sugar consumption and strictly follow the advice of your dentist, there is absolutely no reason to suffer from common oral problems and live life in misery.

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