Lasik Procedure Costs In Singapore

If you are thinking about undergoing a treatment to have better vision, one option you need to consider is LASIK surgery. LASIK Singapore price ranges from $3500 to $6500. The prices may vary depending on how your prescription and how difficult the procedure is. The technology used during the surgery may also affect the price of the operation.

Nowadays, eye care centres offer LASIK with the option of using Microkeratome or IntraLase. Microkeratome is an oscillating blade that is used to create the corneal flap while IntraLase uses lasers. Using lasers to create a flap is a more controlled and precise method commonly known to have less complications and better vision quality. However, the LASIK Singapore price for IntraLase costs 30% more as compared to standard LASIK.

Lasik Procedure Costs In Singapore

You may also encounter the term Wavefront while discussing the procedure with your doctor. This is an advanced measurement system, used to create a 3D map of a patient’s visual system taking into consideration the corneal’s imperfection or aberration. Information contained in the map serves as guide for the laser to customize the laser treatment in reshaping the cornea so that these irregularities can be corrected. This type of LASIK costs about 50% more than average LASIK.

What are the Possible Side Effects of LASIK Surgery?

If you are interested on the effects of LASIK surgery, you also need to know if this procedure comes with any side effects. Doing a research about it allows you to prepare for the outcome of the procedure. Here are some of the following side effects or complications that you may experience after a LASIK surgery:

Temporary discomfort – a patient may feel burning sensation or itchiness after the surgery. Mild eye irritation like light sensitivity is also expected. These discomforts are normal and will eventually fade away. It will be best to always use the eye shield given by your doctor while sleeping so you can avoid accidentally rubbing or touching your eyes. Rubbing or touching it could dislodge the flap, causing your eyes not to heal properly.

Seeing visual disturbances – expect to see some visual disturbances such as glares or halos in low-light environments after your operation. This happens to many patients right after surgery especially at night due to immediate post op swelling. For most patients these visual disturbances improve over the next few weeks to months but for a rare minority it may be permanent.

Complication with flap – in the LASIK surgery, your eye doctor will make a thin-hinged flap at the front surface of the cornea to access the stroma (underlying cornea). This is needed in order to remove some corneal tissue using the excimer laser. If you want to know if there are risks or complications that come with creating a flap, they are as follow:

  • Flaps that are too small or too thin
  • Buttonholes (small holes or tears in the center of the flap)
  • Irregular corneal flaps
  • Free caps or flaps without a hinge

Dry eyes syndrome – the eye that underwent the surgery may experience increase dryness right after surgery due to a decrease in tear production. This could cause eye discomfort or blurry vision. For most patients dry eye syndrome is temporary. To lessen your discomfort, your doctor may prescribe you with lubricating eye drops.

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