Applications And Functions Of Different Layers Of Foils In Hot Printing USA

As you know there are three primary layers in the colored foils that are used in Hot Printing USA. When the foil which sit in between the die and the substrate comes in contact with them heat travels through the die to foil and the substrate. This heat generated liquefies the materials in the release layer of the foil and also activates the Adhesive layer. The colored pigment sticks to the part and falls in the places of impression which is held together in place by the pressure that is exerted by the machine. The heat and pressure is maintained for a specific period called the Dwell time after which the heat source is removed.

Transfer Of The Color

The transfer of color happens actually after the heat source is removed and the foil is stripped. The foil is then stripped off upward while the release layer is still in fluid condition but the adhesive layer has successfully stuck to the substrate. The color pigment strips from the foil and gets trapped between the two layers of adhesive and release resulting in permanent bonding on to the part. The effect is clear, distinct and durable impression along with color transfer from the die to the substrate.

Areas Of Application

This direct hit process of printing is most rudimentary form of Hot Printing USA in which the area of application is limited to flat surfaces and cylindrical sections which is less than ninety degrees. It can also be applied to different curved and convex surfaces as well.The large areas to be printed can trap air which is dealt effectively with the designing of the die and the techniques involved in it. The quantum of pressure has to be more in such cases. The contoured dies which are used to print in cylindrical sections require precision in the alignment of the die depending on the type of surface on which the image has to be printed.

Products On Which Used

There is no scope for any part variations in this method of direct heat transfer and therefore it is effectively and economically used in book covers and book binding, greeting and other invitation cards, business cards and desktop promotional items and much more. You can see almost everything in the market has hot printed impressions on it right from the product to the packaging materials. You can also see such prints in cosmetic products, compacts, different appliances, housewares, electronic goods, industrial product marking and much more.

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