Exotic Range Of Wedding Flowers With Their Meanings

Is there any doubt, brides are highly engaged in the process of making their big day, more bigger? Nah, as it is one of the precious day for every bride & groom’s life. They start making plans, scheduling meeting with florists & rest other works since few days before their wedding date.

What is the reason behind choosing flowers? Flowers have immense potential to make a wedding, unforgettable. But, it all depends on your flower knowledge. If you are a novice, you’ll need to have proper knowledge of flowers that you’re going to select for your wedding.

There is heap of flowers delivered today in london which can make your selection troublesome. I have an array of flowers with their meaning, so that you can choose any of them, to express your hidden feelings to your loved ones…

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are one of the most popular choices of brides. They totally make brides fall in their love with their beauty which is beyond any word limits. Also, their nature of sturdiness can make them elegant in the bouquet. If you’re in love with white lilies then, you should know that they symbolize innocence & purity.


After a long time, carnations are back into the flower market, especially for purpose of to be used as a wedding flower. It simply symbolizes love and pride so can be ideal for a wedding. But if you are strongly superstitious then, avoid these flowers because they represent refusal.

Exotic Range Of Wedding Flowers With Their Meanings


They are available in a palette of different colors such as red, orange, pink and yellow so you can add them into any bright bridal bouquet. They represent joy, optimism, and a long life. So, there is no flower that indicates everything that you want to express through flowers. It’s a packet of endless emotions so you should include in your bouquet.


These blooms are coming up with vibrant color that can lighten up any wedding bouquet or arrangement. They denote characteristics like regard and chivalry so it can be the best for buttonhole for your husband-to-be. It also represents new beginnings and eternal life.

Remember: use more than one daffodil through a single stem which is said to denote unrequited love.


The daisy denotes purity and innocence so it’s damn perfect as you both are on your way to begin new lives together.


They add warm welcome feelings in the wedding arrangement and available in different colors such as pink, ivory, purple and yellow. Same as a daisy, freesias represent innocence. They also denote thoughtfulness so, you can make a beautiful addition to your bouquet by using them.


Gerbera signifies cheerfulness which can easily become the center of attraction. They are part of the daisy family and they are bold flowers who can work as an elegant part of the entire bouquet.


This amazing bloom can simply add a tremendous look to your wedding bouquet as well as, also help to spread beautiful scent. They are having so many meanings, they represent beauty, praises, and solitude. Also, white heather denotes protection and they bless you with good wishes.


Most of women know everything about this flower as they stay at the center of their attraction. It is said that if you have no knowledge of flowers and its meaning then, you should finalize your selection on orchids. But, don’t forget to look their blooming season. They represent thoughtfulness, charm, refinement and unbeatable beauty.

Closing lines…

So, this is a small list that can work as your mentor while selecting flowers to express your feelings. It’s just a beautiful gesture to make someone get in love with you. Select your best suitable flower and convey your feelings with an open heart. Tons of blessings to every bride & groom!…

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