Cheap and High Quality Treatment For Cervical Spine In India

People from all parts of the world now come to India to get their medical treatment. The escalating costs of treatment in other countries and the lack of good facilities is one of the reasons the medical tourists seek India.

Cheap and High Quality Treatment For Cervical Spine In India

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Better infrastructure and skilled professionals have raised the level of medical service in India to new heights. Add to this, the low cost of treatment and stay for the duration of the surgery, India becomes an attractive proposition for those who need medical treatment. The cervical spine treatment cost in India costs $7,500 only whereas in the US the same costs $65,400.

You have seven vertebrae in the cervical spine. Between each of these vertebrae, you find the discs that help to absorb the shock. Due to these discs, our spine remains flexible and allows us to move and bend. The vertebrae have several openings in them through which the nerves spread out to all parts of the body.

Types of Spine Diseases

At times, due to injury or age, one of these discs can degenerate resulting in a bulged disc. This causes impairment of the nerves and gives rise to pain in the neck region. This pain may radiate to the arms, shoulder, or other parts of the body. You may classify the range of spine diseases both degenerative and inflammatory into these:

a)Neoplastic cervical spine disease
b)Degenerative cervical spine disorders
d)Inflammatory cervical spine disease
e)Neck pain with radiculopathy
f)Spine deformities

Treatment Options for Spine Disorders

We may do the treatment for cervical spine dysfunctions through the anterior, posterior, or combined approach. In addition, one may use one of the two procedures – Fusion or Decompression.

People consider costs only because they know that the hospitals do not compromise on the quality of the treatment. The high level of professionalism along with the superb backup from the paramedical team helps them maintain the superb quality of the medical treatment. This you find reflected in the high success rate of the surgeries and medical procedures. Due to the low cervical spine surgery cost in India, many medical tourists prefer to have their medical treatments done in India.

Two approaches
Anterior approach: In this, you find these procedures given below.

b)Cervical discectomy
c)Transoral approach
d)Disc arthroplasty

Posterior approach: In this, you have the cervical laminectomy. You use this method when the compression is in the back. Here we remove the lamina and spinous process so that the spine gets more space.

Process of Stabilisation

Stabilization surgery puts a restriction on the movement between the vertebrae. They do this to prevent nerve injury that arises from the abnormal position of the spinal cord. You have two types of stabilisation techniques.


In fusion, we stop the movement between the bones by joining them with a bone graft. In instrumentation, we make use of plates, wires, cables, screws, and rods.

One must not delay starting the treatment since each day the ailment will become worse. Get in touch with your hospital and find the best treatment possible at once.