Online Universities’ Accreditation Status And Its Vital Role In Today’s Higher Education

Why you need an accredited online university?

Accreditation is a comprehensive process by which governmental authorities critically examines and scrutinizes online universities to approve to approve them for providing accredited bachelor and master degrees to their candidates. From suitable educational quality levels up to making sure that these universities’ ethical and legal bindings are all up to the given marks, these accreditation bodies play a vital role in the entire management of todays’ online education trends. Let us deeply explore accreditation, its complications and the vital role and benefits that are dealt within.

It is evident that industries vary with each other on a large scale where technology has brought significant changes  to each of them out of which some have been largely benefited whereas a few of them experienced certain level of negativity. Likewise, digitalization and the worldwide internet brought noticeable changes to the field of higher education as well. Today accredited online universities have been recognized not only the best online platform for students who are in search of affordable and verified educational platform for bachelor’s and master’s degree but in addition to that, it become one of the best legally approved alternatives for working individuals in the form of online life experience degree programs.

Likewise, the world’s businesses and their exclusive corporate culture also changed to the new systems of modern day technology by transforming themselves into a completely paperless work environment that visibly signifies the vital role of today’s Information technology and computing. Let us now explore and establish an understanding of the vital role of online educational portals and online universities.

The vital role of accredited online universities

Online Education is one of the best examples that evidently illustration how intensely mankind has adapted to the modern day world of technology and developed new ways of utilizing it in order to achieve as much convenience and easiness as possible. Followed by today’s global population and its growth ratio anyone can possibly understand the several related consequences and difficulties that most of the people experience in their academics.

From less time availability up to considering workplace above all, different individuals have different reasons to demand for exclusive, technology centered and well-structured online educational portals that are fully capable of providing them relief from those existing constraints and here comes the vital role of accredited online universities and the online educational portals that offer accredited online certifications and other varied academic qualifications.

Online Universities and educational portals provide higher academic qualifications, degrees, diplomas and special certifications just like any other traditional educational institute which indeed comes at lower cost. Many individuals perceive that these universities and portal exist only online and that is why they cannot deliver the similar level of academic recognition but, this not the case at all. All of the top ranked and regionally accredited online universities deliver the same level of academic recognition as of the traditional universities.

These online universities have been renowned for bringing significant positive changes and transformed the entire perception of the several ways of education on a global level. By bringing a fully digital environment where students can easily coordinate with their teachers, access study notes and even final examinations just as per their own comfort and are given exclusive access rights to various online libraries, the role of online education set it apart from the traditional ways of higher education.

A brief List of the top regional accreditation bodies in the United States

It is certainly obvious that if there are countless advantages then on the other hand, there must be a few set of disadvantages. We all are also familiar with professional diploma mills that are not only look like any other accredited online university but, all that they can give you is a huge scam just because they do not fulfill the verified accreditation status requirements by a well-known accreditation body for examining and recognizing them as one of the accredited online educational services portal or an online university. This is absolutely where the vital role of governmental accreditation bodies becomes helpful.

Specifically in the United States, there are six regional accreditation bodies for online colleges and online universities;

  • Northwest Commission of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges

In addition to that, there are some third party accreditation bodies as well listed below that also offers accreditation to these online colleges and online universities but, these bodies are also crucially verified by the official regulatory authorities.

  • AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • AAHEA – American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation
  • AAMA – American Alternative Medical Association
  • AHP – Association for Humanistic Psychology

Above listed are a few famous online education accreditation bodies but if you look deeply you will get a number of regional accreditation bodies that accredited these online life experience degree providers, but what interested individuals have to do is making sure that the chosen university is really accredited by one of the above listed or other widely known accreditation bodies  before enrolling in any of the offered programs and get a clear understanding about its current accreditation status.

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