5 Foolproof Tips To Land A Government Job

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Landing a federal job can be a really challenging and overwhelming process. Taking up a federal position requires a lot of knowledge, responsibility, and skills. As a rule, employers look for candidates with a professional federal resume. In this article, you will get to know about some of the best tips how to create this kind of resume and finally land your dream government job.

The government is the largest recruiter of the nation having about two million civilian workers. Government jobs match practically all the skills and interests. There are hundreds and thousands of jobs at any given time. For instance, last year more than 90,000 of people were hired full-time by the government.

Tailor Your Resume for Every Job

Rather than send the same CV for all federal jobs, it’s much better to prepare new ones to match your skills and experiences to the particular job descriptions and certain job announcements. If you want to highlight that you are the perfect candidate for this given position, add some phrases and keywords mentioned in the job description.

This is definitely not the right time to be modest. Do your best to make a hiring manager take your resume out of the big pile and invite you for an interview. However, in case you are too worried to do everything the right way, you can appreciate the benefits of federal resume writers. Only professional resume writing services are aware of all the secrets and nuances of federal resume writing and are experienced enough in preparing federal resumes of high quality.

Write a Multi-Page Resume

If you are applying for a standard typical job, creating a one-page CV will be enough. But summarizing your work experience for a federal resume will demand from two to five pages and be more detailed. You should go into more depth but still, stick to the traditional resume. You need to elaborate on your accomplishments, duties on your previous jobs, and the relevant skills that you possess.

Bookmark the Best Federal Job Search Websites

Almost all the government jobs are listed on USAJOBS.gov. You can also find information about necessary qualifications, duties, basic benefits and application details there. Using professional field pages on this website you may find jobs of your interest and learn about the salary range, required work experience and location.

Select Jobs You Are Qualified for

Make sure you read the job description carefully as the qualifications and details listed in the job announcement give the insights into the training, background, and experience the company looks for. For typical jobs and other industries, you may want to apply for a position you are not completely qualified for. But when it comes to the federal government, meeting all the requirements and qualifications is certainly a must.

Make Sure Your Application Is Complete

Remember that recruiters won’t even review incomplete applications for a federal job. It’s crucial that you fill out the job application and also supply writing samples, letters of recommendation, and a resume tailored for the job requirements. More than that, submit your application on time because agencies won’t accept late applications.

In case you are not sure about the kind of job you want, it can be easy to get swallowed by numerous agency websites and federal job announcements. But if you are certain about what you are looking for, you can focus your attention on these tips and improve your chances of finding a federal job.

An additional tip for you is to prepare a short speech in advance so that when you will be called in for a job interview, you will be able to explain with confidence why you perfectly match this position.

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