3 Tips On How To Install Fifth Wheel Hitch

You must see giant semi-trailers towed by trucks in the street every once in a while. It’s quite a baffling sight to see and you must have wondered how a truck equipped with a ball-hitch manages to pull the heavy weight of a semi-trailer behind it. The answer is quite simple, because unlike regular SUVs or pick-up trucks, these semi-trucks have specialized fifth wheel hitch designed to take the heavy load along with huge diesel engines to facilitate the maneuvering of the weight.

How does a fifth wheel hitch attachment work?

Unlike in pick-up trucks, the fifth wheel attachment in semi-trucks is found not at the back bumper but on the bed of the truck. The best fifth wheel hitch when attached correctly pushes the weight of say the trailer between the rear axle and cab of the semi-truck. This distribution of weight increases the capacity to carry more weight.

What is a fifth wheel hitch?

Looking more or less like a horse show this is a huge and leveled plate. They have something called a king pin which faces downward and are attached to the weight to be carried together wih another plate placed atop the flat plate of the fifth wheel hitch. The regular contact and their smooth gliding is crucial to the functioning of the system.

How do you install a fifth wheel hitch?

Now, you might be here because you have plans to buy or even already bought the best fifth wheel hitch available in the market. You got everything with it including the base rails and installation kit. The kit comes with detailed descriptions regarding all you need to know regarding the right ways to install the fifth wheel hitch for maximum result. All you need to do it to mount it on your heavy-duty pick-up truck and you are good to go. Do you wonder whether you know all you need to know regarding how to get it done? No? Don’ worry.

Tip 1: Align the distance between the center of the fifth wheel hitch and the cab of the truck in accordance with the width of the trailer.

Tip 2: It is better to have a truck with long beds so that the hitch would stay in front of the rear axle as it is prescribed. In case your truck bed is on the shorter side, you must not hesitate to buy a slider fifth wheel hitch along with an extended pin box to balance out the deficiency in distance needed for easy maneuvering and turning.

Tip 3: If your vehicle bed doesn’t have a bed-liner( which offers it protection and resistance to sliding) , it is recommended that you get the welding on the frame be done by a professional welder. If the bed-liner is made of plastic, get the portion where the rails connect to the bed of the truck so that it wouldn’t collapse later causing to loosen the hitch.

Tip 4: The key to the smooth functioning of the fifth wheel hitch is lubrication. Before you apply grease, clear all residual dirt and grease. Plastic lube plates are the most popular recommendation.

Before you decide to install the fifth wheel hitch on your vehicle, ensure that it is designed to have one installed and is capable of towing large quantum of weight. Also make sure that you get the best fifth wheel hitch installed on your truck bed for optimum result as well as safe driving. The process of getting the attachment done is a long and tedious one starting from the installation of a rail kit. The installation requires precise measurement and execution. It is always safe to get the fifth wheel hitch attachment done by a professional that by yourself.

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