Beginner Athlete Training Tips

When it comes to athletes, they should always take care of their health and ensure they perform the best when it comes to tournaments. In any kind of sport, they need to be very disciplined and organized. They have to train hard as the competition in the world of sports is hard. Beginner athletes are new to the world of sports and they have to face a number of challenges when it comes to physical fitness and exercise. They need to take care of their exercise regime and be happy with their workouts.

How should Beginner Athletes Train? 

Now when it comes to physical fitness of beginner athletes, Jack Elway a sports enthusiast in the USA says that you must pay attention to rest, nutrition and exercise. Most beginner athletes face a big challenge when it comes to their workouts. They often struggle when they take up new endurances like half marathon or a triathlon. Most of these beginner athletes face a misconception that they need to be elite like their more experienced counterparts. They often face weight loss challenges that are hard for them in the beginning. The reason is they need to shed off the excess weight leading them to the reduction of calories both before and post workouts. This obviously does not pose any kind of enjoyment in their exercise or weight loss. They do not get the right nutrients at the proper time and most of them begin to suffer from fatigue both mentally and physically during their exercise routines.

He gives some simple and practical tips to beginner athletes on how they can enjoy their exercises to reach their performance and playing goals. He says that when you as a beginner athlete exercise, you should not do it on an empty stomach. Here, carbohydrate is the preferred fuel for your exercise and so 30-60 minutes before you do the exercise, it is mandatory for you to eat something that can be digested easily. The food that you eat should be carbohydrate rich as this will make exercise more enjoyable.

Keep Track of Dehydration

He also says that as the temperature climbs, you will spend more time sweating and your risks for dehydration increases. Even slight dehydration will make exercise very hard for you. This means you need to keep track of dehydration and check the color of your urine. It should not have a strong odor and be pale yellow in color. It is important for you to drink sufficient water before and after the workout. Your urine should be pale yellow before you start the workout and pale yellow after you finish the workout.

In case you notice that your urine is dark in color during the workout, it is here you should consume more water. If your urine is clear, you can stop drinking water. Jack Elway says as a beginner athlete you should keep these simple things in mind. These tips will help you in a large manner to stay and remain physically fit and enjoy your exercise routine from start to finish!

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