Online Education In Global Perspectives

No one can disavow the importance of education. With all the negativity in the world, many intellectuals believe that only the education is the way to achieve global peace. Although United Nations and the governments of different countries are working together to spread quality education as much as possible, but all these measures don’t seem to produce any significant results. Just like the humanity is trying to solve his every problem with the help of technology, many private organizations are now using technologies like the internet to spread education in those areas where they cannot even get physical access. Let us now enlighten the area of online life experience degree and its various benefits.

Since the introduction of online education, the global literacy rate has raised in the drastic manner which never has been seen since centuries. Online life experience degree almost obsolete all the hurdles which the significant part of the world population was facing to get the quality education. Online education has come up with the solutions to global issues like inadequate infrastructure, insufficient teachers, lack of schools and fund generations for education. With the knowledge of the world on the single tap of a smartphone, everyone has equal opportunity to get the education and build the lives of others with his knowledge.

In the next lines, I am going to brief you about the global challenges which can be solved by investing more in online education and making it global phenomenon so people can get the quality education certificates and degrees like online life experience degree and cannot only able to raise their living standards but also work for their community as well.

Online Education as Central Place:

It has been noticed in different countries that all the efforts by the authorities to make education as a central place of their policies have failed so badly that they almost put it back in their agendas. However, many developed countries have been able to give education as the central place in their policies. Still, there colleges and schools are not producing the results which they were meant to be. Many of the graduates of highly reputable educational institutes are constrained to do jobs in McDonald and Pizza Hut to earn their livings. By giving online education as a central place, governments can maintain the quality of the teaching by keeping a magnifying glass on all the online education providing websites.

Maintain Employability And Workforce Productivity:

Education is the safeguard against poverty. The reason behind the trillion worth GDP of countries is that they have the higher number of educated people in their country. Unemployment rates in the countries where people are less educated are very high. That is why those who received the quality education in such countries migrate to developed countries to find a good job that results in saturating the market of the developed countries. By spreading online education in such areas, we can provide equal opportunities for everyone to receive whatever online life experience degree they want to take and can get a good position in government or become an entrepreneur to create jobs for others.

Minimize The Qualitative Gap:

One thing which is common in developing and developed countries is the gap between their education levels and education potential. Developing countries have institutes who either take a hefty amount of money to provide quality education which leaves out the financially deprived ones or treat all the minds equally. Conversely, developed countries have a qualitative gap. Our institutes teach students to get good grades only while neglecting the fact that students need some other skills too to show some audacity for the future. With the online education, we can kill the monopoly of educational institutions in the developing countries and can give students of developed countries a chance to learn those necessary skills for the future, which their colleges are not teaching them. Which is why enrollments in the online life experience degree programs in developed countries are at its highest.

Relaxation For Teachers:

In the developing countries like India, more than half of the total faculty positions are vacant. The reason is unknown, and there has been no willingness shown of doing some remedy for this by the officials. With the current tertiary enrollment rate of 19%, there is only one teacher over 2500 students. In any circumstances, this situation is unacceptable and makes it impossible to educate the world’s second largest populated country in the world. This is where online education can also help. Almost 90% of India’s population has internet access. Which makes them closer to online education. By making effective steps and spreading proper awareness, we can educate more than 95% of Indian population with thousand times less expense which required to build 132,000 new colleges to accommodate 95% of Indian college going population.

Verbalizing VS Visualizing:

According to research, human mind takes more information with video and animated presentations instead of verbal lectures. The benefit that the internet and online education is offering to us that there are multiple explanations available of one thing through different videos or slideshows form. That’s how we can attract the masses because still, this phenomenon is not common enough in the developing countries of Africa and South Asia.


Mano a mano education is related to all the world biggest problem and it also holds the key to solve it. From poverty to global warming, with making a consensus for spreading education across the board all over the globe, we can achieve which is not even yet the part of tech fantasy movies. To make this happen, making sure to give every kid access to online education websites is compulsory. By creating a world-class global virtual university, we can prepare our young ones for the better and brighter future of never-ending possibilities and opportunities.

Author Bio:

Thomas Loar is a Ph.D. degree holder in global education and has written thousands of pages on the importance of education and how virtual universities who offers prominent life experience degree programs that can help in global education.

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