Addiction Rehab: What Happens During Cocaine Treatment

March 20, 2017 Health News No Comments

Addiction rehab that centers on cocaine treatment is a common program in today’s Canadian rehabilitation and treatment facilities. Cocaine addiction is an alarming dilemma that has been bombarding the country for decades now. The sad truth about cocaine addiction is that the problem has now spread out across economic status, age groups, and demographics. The Canadian government offers funded rehab facilities while private organizations and groups also have rehab facilities for cocaine addicts and dependents.

Addiction Rehab: What Happens During Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Overview

What exactly happens when you submit yourself or a loved one to cocaine treatment in a residential rehab setting? Different addiction rehab centers follow their own respective processes and approaches in treating patients with cocaine addiction problems. However, there are generally similar steps that take place, especially when undergoing the initial treatment procedures.

These are some of the basic steps during cocaine addiction rehab:

Individual Assessment

A personalized approach is necessary in order to properly and accurately diagnose the level and stage of cocaine addiction of the client. Some clients are in too deep with their addiction while others are experiencing early onsets of addiction. The kind of treatment approach and method depends on whatever the result of the assessment will be. Professional addiction specialists conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation while formulating a customized and unique treatment program for the client.

Medical Detox Phase

After a substantial and complete assessment, the addiction rehab treatment proceeds to the detoxification process requiring new residents to initially go through the withdrawal process. Quitting the drug cleanses your system from the effects and symptoms of this narcotic and going through the detox process is the prerequisite of entering the main treatment program. A licensed detox specialist or physician is in charge of administering the medical detox and supervising the treatment for inpatient clients before the patient could proceed to the recovery process.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

As soon as the patient has completed the detox phase, it is high time to enter the next stage which is the addiction rehab treatment proper. The patient should be clean of the substance or cocaine and completely stabilized as well. The result of the initial assessment is the basis as to the kind of cocaine addiction treatment that is deemed necessary for the client’s recovery. Patients with severe cocaine addiction are required to undergo more intensive and rigorous addiction rehab programs compared to those that are not that hooked to the substance. It would also require an inpatient or residential setting in order for the patient to be monitored 24/7 and his progress efficiently recorded and documented.

Some of the treatment methods used for inpatient settings includes individual and group counseling, anger management, holistic activities, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.

Falling into cocaine addiction is a huge mistake you could ever make in your life but it doesn’t mean you are beyond redemption. There are numerous success stories of former cocaine addicts that have turned their lives around. Find a trusted and accredited addiction rehab facility now to start your recovery.