Laser Eye Surgery: Eligibility and Related Complication

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Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery performed has a high success rate and complication reports of sight-threatening resulting from laser eye surgery are very rare. In case occurrence of any side effects, they can normally be treated with help of technology advanced surgical procedures or medical treatment.

In comparison with other surgery, these are also associated with potential risks, unseen side effects and limitations that cannot be ruled out before undergoing the surgery. 

Laser eye surgery Mississauga Eligibility

Various conditions and anatomical factors can increase the risk of unwanted results or limit optimal laser eye surgery outcomes so every candidature doe not seems deem fit for these operations..  Candidature for surgical laser eye operation can be canceled due to following factors.

  • If the corneas are irregularly shaped and thin lined
  • Heightened refractive index error
  • Problem of existing unstable vision
  • Dry eyes are not suitable for the surgical operation
  • Age is one of the limiting factors l (must be 18 or over)
  • Pregnancy is also limiting factor and candidature gets canceled
  • Any prior degenerative disorders

 Possible Side Effects & Complications after Laser Eye Surgery

There are some complications associated with the laser eye surgery and it happens even if the patients have gone through most successful one.

Laser Eye Surgery: Eligibility and Related Complication

Temporary visual disturbances and discomfort: Normally seen after few days after the surgical operation and withholds slight irritation and light sensitivity in the eyes of the patients also reported halos and glares have been also seen driving at night, with occurrence of dry eyes, hazy vision and reduced sight vision, though these irregularities are temporary one, disappear within three to six months after the Lasik eye surgery.

Flap complications: It occurs when during the surgical operations flap is lifted during to allow for corneal reshaping and later replaced using natural bandage.

Dry Eyes: These occur most commonly and are a result of decreased tear production accumulating in the eye and resulting into irritation and vision blurring. Though it’s a temporary problem and treated by application of eye drops lubricating the eyes.

Remarkable under correction,over correction or regression: When the laser used for Lasik surgery removes too much or too little underlying tissue of cornea, eyes’ healing is disrupted, and causes a disturbed vision not an optimal one as expected.

An experienced skilled competent laser eye surgery Mississauga can lessen the risk and complication associated, resulting into best visible outcomes. Risk varies with the type of different surgery and with the most common (LASIK, LASEK and PRK) designed in treatment of myopia, hyperopic and astigmatism having very small risks.

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