Ways In Which The Shape Of Your Nails Connect To Your Personality

Grooming is an important aspect of our everyday life. Our overall personality can be best described by the way we carry yourself.  And nails certainly hold a major proportion in the grooming aspect. Our hands and feet are the most exposed part of the body, thus it is important to be sure that these are presentable all the time.

The industry of fashion is ever changing and thus, there are a lot of changes in the shape and size of the nails. But people generally tend to stick to their one favorite shape all the time. All such things in a way talk about the personality of the individuals.

Ways In Which The Shape Of Your Nails Connect To Your Personality

So here we are with this blog explaining the different personalities connected with the different shapes of the nails.

1.The classic round shape

The simple yet elegant look that round nails promise becomes a reason that this shape is a popular choice. Many girls have been loyal to this nail shape for years now. Such a shape is perfect if you have really big hands and you wish them to look a little smaller. When you have this shape on your hands, you are free to use almost every new gel nail color shade as such a shape is adaptive to new colors and textures.

2. The bold squares

The shape is perfect for the girls who wish to depict a bold personality. A very attractive and beautiful shape that goes well with most of your outfits. Square nails are perfect if you are a lover of attractive bold colors or nail arts. Surely square nails becomes a USP of the girls who can carry it well.

When you have square nails, try not to reduce the size of the nails as square shape itself gives a smaller look to the nails. To give them a long and graceful look, you can try using different nail shades.

3.The tiny nails

Surely a thing low maintenance girls will go for. Those who are a fond of the simplest way of elegance and style wish to keep their nails small and manageable. To be sure that those short nails do not look shabby, give them a rounded shape and paint them with subtle gel colors.

4.The lovely Almonds

A shape people with small nail beds should opt for. Truly elegant and modern taste of shaping the nails. Almond shape nails are sure to promise a unique look to your attire. Use good quality and shiny gel nail colors.

At gel nails, we have a great variety of manicure and pedicure products that can help you to take care of all your nail shapes. The amazing variety of nail color shades and nail care products are sure to keep you in trend every time.