Remedies That Can Help You Relieve Pain

If you are like most people, your impulse reaction after a strain or muscle injury is to reach for pain medication. Although pain relievers such as NSAIDs can offer short-term relief, there are other remedies that last longer. For instance, holisic doctors in LA can provide natural ways to ease any inflammation and pain you experience. These solutions may also accelerate your healing.

Remedies That Can Help You Relieve Pain

Commonly known as alternative medicine or homeopathic therapies, these remedies take advantage of your body’s healing potential. Relieving symptoms is one thing; resolving imbalances that make you prone to injuries in the first place is one step better.

Runner’s Knee

Consider acupuncture instead of swallowing ibuprofen if you have Runner’s knee. Levels of hormones increase through acupuncture. Endorphins, cortisol and serotonin are three hormones that can lessen the pain and inflammation.


A natural fix for blisters is rubbing herbs like calendula ointment on the broken area. This medicinal flower has antimicrobial properties that work to reduce inflammation caused by the blisters and speeds healing in the process.

Muscle Cramps

A common cause of muscle cramps is dehydration, even if you are not active in sports. Dehydration leads to side stitches and charley horses. A slow digestive system and poor circulation are additional culprits to this condition that can happen without warning.

A good way to prevent spasms is to add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed and a teaspoon of cinnamon to your cereal. Changing your breakfast this way, and including lowfat milk, can help to move food through your intestines and open blood vessels. Lowfat milk will replenish electrolytes.

Lower Back Pain

Running, playing golf and cycling can put a lot of pressure on your spine, which makes backaches worse. Relief can come from hitting the yoga mat. Research has shown that just 75 minutes of yoga each week for three months can reduce pain in your lower back.

Swimmer’s Ear

When too much moisture interacts with very little wax, your pH level is thrown off balance and bacteria settles leading to swimmer’s ear. A small drop of white vinegar in your ear can kill those germs and prevent this poolside infection from becoming a problem. Repeating this remedy two times daily over a 48 hour period will heal this condition.

Fortunately, you can use natural alternatives to taking over-the-counter medicines. Nature offers many treatments to leveraging the brain’s ability to use healing powers that will leave you healthier, happier and free of pain.