Follow These Steps To Remove Those False and Defamatory Google Reviews

While searching for any businesses, there are chances of finding a list of Google reviews in the search results. These reviews in fact play a very important role in attracting the customers or visitors to relevant business.

Google reviews are increasing in popularity for many reasons. In fact, most of the people only rely on them. They are very helpful for infinite customers that use Google to search businesses. However, there may be times when subjects of defamatory and false reviews can actually negatively impact the business.

This is simply because people search for your brand and if they see bad reviews on Google, they may not want to do business with your company. Read on to know the top ways to fight back and let your brand be on track again!

How to Flag Inappropriate Google Reviews?

If you are also the one that want to know how to remove a Google review, this section is just for you. The reviews violating Google review policies can be subject to removal. You have the option to either flag any inappropriate reviews you find on your Google listing or fix any review that you wrote that has either been removed or flagged.

If you face a review that violates Google review policies, you can easily flag it to be removed. The review will then be assessed and will be likely removed. However, before you begin, make sure to consider the following things.

  • Check out the policy well – You must only flag the reviews that actually violate Google policies. Don’t be tempted to flag a review just because you don’t like it but is accurate. Before flagging any review, ensure to read the policy well.
  • Be patient – It is possible that it may take some days for the reviews to be assessed. So, be patient and don’t just contact the support right away.

Removing Defamatory Google Review

In some situations, it might be possible that it becomes very difficult to identify the author of negative or defamatory Google review. So, it makes sense to go to Google directly for potential relief. Generally, there are two major options including the following.

  • The business may seek to acquire judgment from the court declaring statements of review to be unauthentic or false. It can then present court order to Google to have those relevant URL de-indexed.
  • The other option is that the business can even directly reply to review via account of “Google My Business”.

Apart from these methods, there are other ways too to claim a review to be false. The business representative can simply flag the relevant review as inappropriate and can wait until Google will itself consider it to be a violation of their policy and remove the review.

There are legitimate alternatives available to remove false Google reviews and to resolve those issues with the disgruntled parties. If your business too is suffering from negative false reviews, it is high time for you to get them removed using the above steps!

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