What Is Institute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Style Of Referencing?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers referencing style is commonly used by editors and writers in technical fields. An IEEE citation maker can be used to generate citations.

The IEEE or the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers is an organization that supports branches of engineering, computer science and information technology. The IEEE is known for developing standards for various industries by publishing many conference proceedings, magazines and journals. The IEEE style is similar to the pattern followed by the Chicago Manual Style. The IEEE is an accepted format for research papers in technical fields, especially computer science. It is advised to use an IEEE citation maker when publishing journals and magazines.

Other than in-text citation styles, the IEEE is also responsible for creating an editorial style manual to provide general guidelines for editors and authors to follow in order to submit their work to IEEE publications which includes transactions, letters and journals etc. IEEE recommends authors and editors to consult the Chicago Manual of Style for any additional guidance needed that is not mentioned in the points of the IEEE editorial style manual. Some examples of IEEE editorial style manual are the guidelines about a list of preferred hyphenated words and spellings, the use of em and en dashes in reference numbers, page numbers, capitalization etc.

Citations In IEEE style

Citations in the IEEE style are numbered and included in square brackets. The citations are sequential and are not superscripted. The bibliographical information (page numbers, authors name or publication date) are not to be written in the in-text citation. All bibliographical information is to be listed at the end of the document in the list of references and should be cited against the relevant citation number. The reference list is to be arranged in numerical order, not alphabetically.

An IEEE citation maker makes it easier to generate citations. A lot of free websites are available that provide an IEEE citation machine. An IEEE citation maker helps insert the citation number before any punctuation at the location in the text where it is required. A single space is to be left before the opening square bracket. The same citation number is to be used for citations that appear more than once in the text. For multiple references, the IEEE citation maker will enclose each reference number in square brackets and separate them using a dash or a comma. The IEEE citation maker uses various style formats based on the type of reference sources. The specifics will be taken care of by the IEEE citation maker.

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